I am a huge fan of all movies. If its a well done action thriller, I’m your girl. Crappy B-rated syfy movie that has no point, I’m all over it. Romantic Comedies, like Ugly Truth loving it! Alien Gore Fest, even better! Old actors being badasses, count me in. That’s the movie series, I wanna talk about. RED. Retired Extremely Dangerous. You know what, this movie is my lullaby. RED and RED 2 are both my lullaby, plus a whole other list of movies (that’s for another blog). These movies are based on gun slinging retired spies comic that was actually quite short. I personally find the movie appealing for a few reasons:

  1. Bruce Willis is in it. I literally grew up watch Hans Gruber fall from Nakatomi Tower every Christmas. (I have three older brothers, I rarely watched feminine shows or even just kid shows). But Bruce Willis is literally one of my favorite actors. He’s the man you call to kick ass!
  2. Taboo love? Older man and younger woman? How can you not love that? Its kind of a redundant taboo but for this movie it is perfect! Its even funnier because its like a case of Stockholm Syndrome, she falls in love with the guy who she thinks is kidnapping her (but really he’s saving her life).
  3. Guns! Lots of guns! Love the shooting scenes and how badass the different kinds of guns there are used. I personally love the French Quarter scene when Bruce steps out of the spinning cop car. Its pretty awesome, even if its fact.
  4. Supporting Cast! John Malkovich, the bad guy off of Con-Air, Helen Mirren (One of my favorite British actresses, she literally does everything), Morgan Freeman and the chick from Weeds, Mary-Louise Parker. But I’ll also throw Karl Urban in to the mix of great supporting cast because he can play a bad guy and a good guy, which maybe why I love him too!
    1. For RED 2- Some of my favorite actors are in it too! Anthony Hopkins- my all time favorite fictional serial killer! Catherine Zeta-Jones- I remember watching Mask of Zorro with my mother as a little girl and rooting for her when she and Zorro fought for the first time ;). Gotta throw my Remus Lupin out there as well, David Thewlis. One of my favorite Harry Potter Characters! Byung-hun Lee is also a creditable very sexy Korean actor that I first watched in G.I. Joe Rise of Cobra, makes any movie better. He definitely added the sexy factor to RED 2 kind of like Karl Urban did for the first one. But definitely better because DAMN he is sexy!
  5. I’ve watched both of these movies so much, I can easily drift off to sleep with them. So when I’m sick, I use them to gauge how bad I am. If I can fall asleep to it, I’ll survive but if they pain keeps me up, something is totally wrong.

I think there is only one type of movie I can’t stand which are movies that are about love that end horrifically or make me cry for very upsetting reasons. Examples: Notebook, Titanic, any of stupid movie made from a book from Nicolas Sparks pretty much sums my hated genre of movies. I can stand crying about one or two scene through a whole action movie or some other type of movie but to be constantly crying is just annoying. Plus I’m an ugly crier; boogies, puffy red eyes and everything.

As always thanks for reading my rants and reviews-