Day 18-Snow Globe

Day 18-Snow Globe

I laid beside George in his bed while he read a book to me. I never really cared what book he read but I did enjoy his voice. So did Patch and Needles. The two misfits laid together at the foot of his bed content with their lot in life. “Jo?” I lifted my head at my boyfriend’s voice.

“Hmmm?” I answered tiredly. His voice was like a lullaby and I could pass out to it. I snuggled deeper into his shoulder.

“I think yer father is looking for you.” I closed my eyes and listened closer to what was going outside of the room. He was right. My father was searching for me. I sighed loudly leaning my head further into his shoulder. I didn’t want to get up. His mum will have a cow when she sees me coming out of his room in just my nightie. Make it, da will have a cow too. I forgot that tonight was one of the only nights we were going to be able to see each other. He had to be at his house tomorrow to keep up appearances. I sighed loudly as I began to climb over the lanky redheaded creature when he caught my hips. I laughed putting my own hands on each side of his head. What could I do? We’re teenagers after all. I leaned down placing my lips on his. He moved his left hand up my back so that his whole palm laid flat on my spine. It felt amazing as a shiver went up my back. How could I stop? We continued out lip locked tango until his door swung open with a.

“George have you… Oh my!” I shrieked loudly when George shot up in his bed, smacking his head into my own sending me off his body and on to the nasty dust reddened floor. I groaned as I landed on my side.

“Marjorie!” George shouted his voice full of concern. I groaned again as I laid on the floor. I rubbed my forehead with my left hand and my butt with my right. I was going to feel all of this in the morning. Big time.

“Marjorie?” dad walked in. He quickly turned on his heels as the sight of me in just my nightie. “Molly, can you please see that Marjorie is not injured while I grab your husband for a serious talk.” He was such a drama queen. I groaned dramatically throwing my head back on to the wooden floors. See where I get it from.

“Come along deary.” Mrs. Weasley walked in further into the room. She helped me up with George’s help, of course. He stayed put once we passed the door, especially after receiving a glare from his mother. I lifted my head to see that Harry, Fred, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the rest of the Christmas visitors were on the stairs watching our little scene. Fred was laughing into his hand. While Hermione looked shook along with Ginny. Harry was covering his eyes, like a good cousin he was. Ron stared openly with even his jaw open which he received a smack from Sirius. Tonks was smirking at me, she was the one I got most of my advice from. She’s basically my awesomely cool aunt. Mrs. Weasley led me in to my room and helped me sit on my bed. “Now what were you two thinking?” she asked as she magiked up some bandages to take care of the small nick I had on my forehead. I hissed as she cleaned the wound magically. “Marjorie?” she asked me once more.

“You just caught us in the middle of me getting out of bed. I had forgotten that dad was coming over tonight. We…we were not going to do anything. We’ve never gone further than just kissing.” I told her as she grabbed my robe out of my wardrobe then draped it around my shoulders. “Thank you.” I whispered.

“Deary, you two are too young to be doing such things.” She shook her head as she moved my things around and cleaned up my cluttered room.

“We know…” we did but that didn’t stop us. Even Hogwarts knows this, not the professors but the actual castle. That’s one of the many uses of the Room of Requirements. I wanted to snicker but I didn’t want to give it away.

“Marjorie?” I lifted my head to see dad walking in. His robes billowing behind him. “Darling pack a bag please.” He grunted.

“What?” I asked standing up.

“You heard me. We are going to go to Japan for Christmas. I have everything arranged for us.” He told me with a smirk. He knew I wanted to go to Japan forever, there was no way I would say no. Even if that meant not seeing my boyfriend for two weeks.

“But what about…” I made a twitch of my head to motion towards downstairs.

“I have made arrangements for him not to question my absence.” I knew who was him and I really hoped father was right.

“Okay. I’ll be ready in a moment.” I moved around and began packing items.

“Well, I’ll get all your presents situated so you can take them with you darling.” Mrs. Weasley said trotting out of my room. Dad walked around my room taking in all my stuff.

“When did you move here?” dad asked me.

“After third year.” I grunted as I pulled items out of my drawers.

“What did the Dursleys say?” he asked me.

“Mo…Aunt Petunia… she cried… a lot.” I paused pulling one of my dresses up to my chest. I looked over at my father. He was sitting on my ottoman in the corner of the room. “She didn’t want me to leave but Uncle Remus is my guardian in the eyes of the Wizarding World. Uncle Vernon and Dudley didn’t care at all.” I said folding the wool dress and putting it in my suitcase.

“They treated you very well all these years. I’m sorry you can’t live with me.” He grumbled rubbing his hands.

“I understand why I can’t dad. I understand.” I repeated holding a hand to my chest where the necklace he gave me as a baby sat.

“Jo…” I lifted my head to the door where George was at. He froze at the sight of my father. “Professor Snape… I’m sorry about earlier. We forgot you were coming over today. I apologize… Jo and I… uhhh Jo…Marjorie and I, we were just kissing… we haven’t… we…” at the shake of my head at the topic, he didn’t need to lie to my father. He was already freaking out just standing there. I noticed in his hands was a Christmas box.

“Oh George… what do you have there?” I asked walking up to him covering his nervous hands with my own. I cut off dad before he spoke.

“Ohhh uhhh yeah… This is your Christmas present… I made it for you.” He said handing it over to me. I smiled moving over to the vanity that Sirius took from his mom’s room and gave to me. I sat on the soft chair.

“May I open it now?” I asked him with a tilt of my head. I was trying to keep his attention on me so he didn’t get all nervous and sweaty with dad looking right at him with his death glare.

“Oh yes. Yeah.” He repeated himself. I opened it with a tug at the ribbon bow at the top. The box was held together by the ribbon and when it fell so did the walls of the colorful box. I smiled as I took in the gift. It was a snow globe. I loved snow globes. I collected them from my family’s holiday trips. But this one was different. It was charmed. I held the circular gift up to my face to see inside was a little figure that looked just like me and another that looked just like him. They were hugging each other in front of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour with snow ever falling on top of us. The couple hugged, ran in the snow and even kissed one another gently. His taller figure even wrapped his arms around mine from behind placing its head on top of mine. My favorite position when we were waiting for things. I felt a tear well up in my eyes.

“Ohhhh George…” I whispered hugging the snow globe to my chest. “I love it!” I hugged him tightly and quite long until dad cleared his throat behind us. “Da.” I turned to face my father. “George and I have been dating for three years… you know that…” I growled as I placed the snow globe on to the shelf where all my other ones sat. I sat it right next to the snow globe of a carousel that da had given Mum before I was even thought of. He glanced at the snow globe and then back over at George.

“George.” Dad paused like he was tasting the name out for the first time. “We will be heading to Japan for the rest of the holiday. It is for Marjorie’s Christmas present. You two may talk through letter but we will be moving a lot so we wont be at one place for long.” Da told George. He had stood and walked to the door where George took two steps out as Da approached him.

“Oh uhh yes sir.” He stuttered again. Merlin, he was awkward around da.

“We will leave in a hour.” Da stated walking out of my room and down the stairs to meet with the rest of the grown ups. This is going to be a great Christmas.


Day 17-Quilt

Day 17: Quilt

“Your mother was the strongest woman I’ve ever met. I loved her like my little sister. She was the first one who knew about… what I am.” Remus said as we sat on the steps of his house. I held a cup of tea while he held one of coffee. I could feel my eyes tearing up. “You are just as strong.” He looked down at me as I looked up at him. He pushed my hair out of my face. “Marjorie. What you did was the strongest thing you could do. Harry’s safer with them. He… he can’t be with us. I understand you must…” I placed the mug down and walked off in to the dirt that surrounded us. I wrapped my arms around my stomach.

“No… no you can’t. Remus… Merlin! I’m his baby cousin. We’ve always been together. We were literally born a month apart. We are best friends. He’s always protected me from the bullies and I’ve always protected him from my family…” I bite my lip as pain wracked my body. I had to leave Harry because of who’s daughter I was. Who my father was put Harry in danger. I rocked back and forth on my feet.

“Harry’s safer there.” The voice sent a jolt of warmth through my body.

“Da.” I turned rushing the taller man. He clasped me tightly.

“I know it’s going to hurt, dear but… you deserve a family that loves you. You’re mother and I decided to make Lupin you’re godfather because we knew he’d always protect you. Now… I must go. I’m so sorry.” Da said he kissed my forehead then turned quickly apparate away.

“Why must he leave so quickly all the time?” I asked Remus as I walked towards my uncle. He wrapped his arm over my shoulder and led me into the house. After we closed the door we went into the large kitchen.

“He has to be cautious because Greyback likes to antagonize me here on my land. Not often just once in a while. And Greyback is one of His aids.” Remus said as we fully entered the kitchen. I smiled at the sight of Sirius cooking dinner. He was a pretty good cook but not the best.

“Finally! Come help me!” He groaned out motioning me over to his side. I trotted over to help his clean the chicken.

“Can you tell me more about my mom?” I asked Remus who was talking a seat at the island and sitting on a bar stool.

“Of course we can!” Sirius almost shouted.

“Yes well don’t listen to him. Your mother often hexed him.” Remus grunted which sent me into giggles.

“Yes she did. But! We were still good friends. She’s the one who helped us get animagi. She found the spell and potion. She was a smart cookie.” Sirius stated.

“Cool. You guys should help me get one.”

“Nope.”-“Not happening.” They both said at the same time.

“What? Why not?” I asked them.

“Because its illegal and I could lose the right to care for you. Its hard enough being a werewolf and taking over your care but add you becoming an animagi would make it even harder.” I shook my head as I continued to clean the feathers off the creature.

“Okay fine. Go on with the stories.”

“How about the time she made us all quilts?” Sirius looked over at Remus.

“Ohhh that was funny. So, your mother decided to make us all quilts. I’m sure your aunt spent hours listening to your mother curse and yell as she tried to get them together. I remember Marigold coming down the stairs with scowl on her face Christmas morning and her hands wrapped with bandages. Turns out she almost cut a finger off creating just one quilt.” Remus paused to chuckle. “All of us were betting trying to figure out whose she got finished. ‘Its not for any of you.’ She hissed angrily when we all started fighting over the gift. In just her sleeping robes and slippers, she walked right out of the Gryffindor common room with the present. Minutes later Lily came running down to follow Mari. We followed after her.” I smiled as Sirius began to pour a bunch of different seasonings all over our hands and the bird.

“Who’s present, was it?” I asked. I heard a pop and turned my head to see a dark brown gift bag on the counter beside Remus.

“Well, we followed her down the hall and to the dungeons. We hid at the corner as she stood at the entrance of the Slytherin’s commons.” Sirius said as he rubbed the seasonings into the bird. “We almost died at the sight of Snivels…” I glared at one of my caretakers. “Uhhh Severus coming out of the commons with a gift as well.”

“The quilt was for da?” I asked them.

“Yeah. Your mother was taken with Severus since she was a little girl, it never changed.” Remus’ voice quivered. “Clean your hands.” He told me. I nodded my head and did as he told. “Come here.” He gestured me to come over. I walked over to his side after I washed my hands. “Your father asked us to tell you this story. So he could give you this.” He pulled the item out of the brown bag. It was a grey and green quilt. “This is quilt your mother made your father. That year.” He handed me the folded warm fabric. I clasped the quilt in my arms and pulled it to my chest.

“Why did she have to die?” I asked him.

“She died with James. They both fought very hard for Harry and your safety. And Lily died for the two of you. She’s a hero.” Remus said running a hand through my long hair.

“I just wish I got to met her.”

“You are just like her. Snarky. Loud. Smart. Good with magically creatures.” At the acknowledgement of magically creature Needles peeked his head out of my hair like he was being called. When he found no one actually talking to him, he curled up back into the safety of his makeshift home.

“Don’t forget foul mouthed.” Sirius added.

“That’s right.” Remus agreed. “But that quilt is only one of the few things your mother made your father. Your father will be sending them here the next couple days so you can get to know Mari better.” Remus told me.

Day 16- Baby, it’s cold outside.

Again….SOOOO sorry for not posting over and over. I’m like dead tired from all the cooking. Yesterday, I finished it all and sent them to my family in Texas but today I went out present shopping for my immediate family and basically came home to lay on the couch tiredly. But good news, I got to see my niece tonight!!! She is freaking beautiful!! I love this little baby. Not that I want one of my own anytime soon but she definitely is adorable. So here’s day 16.

Day 16: Baby, It’s cold outside.

I shivered as I wrapped the large wool jacket around my body tighter. I hate stakeouts. I looked over to my partner. Thankfully it was my new boyfriend; Nuada. The elf prince stared annoyingly out the front window of my dark tinted windows. He was basically immune to the freaking cold while I was freezing my tits off. I shook violently to get his attention.

“If you stop moving, the cold will become worse. I believe its because of your human blood.” I glared over at my boyfriend as he glanced over at me with a grim smile on his face. He knew I was annoyed with him and wasn’t going to comfort me until I begged him too.

“Nuada…” I grumbled angrily.

“What is it?” he answered looking back at the iced river and snow covered bridge over it.

“I am freaking freezing. How aren’t you?” I asked him.

“We can control our internal temperatures pretty well.” When he said “we” he meant elves. Fucking elves. “Demons are supposed to run on the hot side. Is that not why your father doesn’t wear a shirt most of the time?” he asked with a smirk playing on his lips as he continued to scan the park we were at.

“You know some times I just want to slap you.” I grumbled. He made a ‘hmmm’ sound. He had zoned out, once again. “Tiye, you still love me right?” I asked the shadowcat that was laying in the back seat. Her large body took up most of the row with her large tiger like head resting on her face-size paws. She lifted her head and made yowling noise which told me, yes she still loved me. Especially when she crinkled her nose and my hands started to warm. She was a great spell caster. Some times better than I was. I smiled at the hell-spawned creature, she seriously was the best thing to happen to me.

“The cat can not stop loving you. Neither can I.” Nuada said leaning over the arm rest slightly to kiss my frozen lips. “You are really cold.” He stated surprised. He looked me up and down. Then he glanced around the back of my SUV, he cursed in his elf language and began to undo his belt.

“What are you doing Nuada?!” I asked him. We were supposed to be on the look out for some annoying magic users who were cursing people in their vehicles.

“Get out of the vehicle, Mackenzie.” He stated.

“What? Why?” I asked. It was going to be even more freaking cold outside. “Babe…” I grumbled. He hissed at me pulling his staff out.

“Tiye.” He growled. She stood up and chuffed at the elf. She liked him as much as a cat could like someone. “Tiye, out.” He grunted opening the back door as he got out. She trotted into the snow looking around but I didn’t want to get out. “Mackenzie, get out of the vehicle.” He growled.

“Nuuuu-ADA!!” I groaned shivering.

“MACKENZIE!!!” he basically yelled. I let my shoulder slump as I began to get out. Once I stepped out of the SUV, I began to warm up. What the hell?


“The magic users must have jinx the vehicle.” He grunted.

“Little shits.” I grunted scanning the park. I took a deep breath and tried to focus my hearing when I heard laughter to our right. “Over there!” I pointed towards the other side of the river. We all looked to see four teenage sized hoodlums running away. I shook my head as Tiye took off after them. She took the river crossing in two leaps while Nuada was on her tail. “Fuck, I’m soooo cold.” I grunted before stomping off towards the little shits. I watched as Nuada let his staff elongate as Tiye over took the fastest magic user. I started to cross the river when my feet began to slip forward. “Fuuuuuck!” I cried out as my sweats covered ass hit the frozen water. “This sucks sooo bad.” I grumbled. I got to my knees and scrambled towards the snowy river edge to see my boyfriend and familiar surrounded the four. One had tried to cast a spell on Tiye and it bounced back like it would any shadowcat. The kid was covered in weird pocks. I groaned as I got to my feet. I dusted the snow off my knees as I stumbled towards the group to get a better look. Nuada had his now spear tip pointed at the throat of the oldest.

“Do not move.” He grunted at the teenagers. As I got closer I began to recognize the little shits. They were from my grandmother’s coven.

“You have got to be kidding me right now.” I hissed rubbing my ass as I grabbed the eldest by the back of the neck. “Nikolai!!” I hissed shaking the teenage boy.

“Mac!! Mac! We didn’t know!! Come on, Mac!!” he groaned as I shook the kid roughly.

“I was freezing my ass off!!” I shook him harder.

“Come on Mac! It’s a joke!!”

“A joke my ass!” I hissed. “What the hell were you four thinking!” I shouted at them.

“We were just practicing magic!” he groaned as I finally let him go while still shaking him so he stumbled and fell to his knees in the snow.

“On humans! Do you know what humans do when they see magic?” I asked them. All of them slowly shook their heads. “They fucking do this!” I snapped my fingers and an article of the Salim witch trails showed up in my palm. “They hunt us. They fucking burn us. Does Navka teach you children nothing anymore? Or all of you too stuck in your damn phones to understand that humans are still afraid of us! They still hunt us! They still kill us.” I snapped my fingers once more to switch the ancient article out with my cellphone on an article about a woman being burnt to death by a man in Germany because she was a “witch”. “And she wasn’t even one of us.” I hissed. “Wiccans get this shit done to them. Wait until they find a real one of us.” I growled out at them. They all cowered in fear.

“You’re not going to tell Navka are you?” I knew the voice, it was Jody, a daughter of Francine hide under a large hooded sweat jacket.

“Of course I’m telling Navka! Shit! I’m doing it right now!” I growled at them. I pulled out a pen from my jacket pocket and wrote on a piece of paper and sent it zipping through the city to find the matriarch of the coven. “She’s going to kill you guys.” I smiled at them wickedly.

“Come on Mac! Haven’t you done anything like this?” I knew that voice too! It was Cade, son of Navka’s son, Christian. The little asshole should know all about the dangers of exposing us. “Uhhh Mac can you please tell your boyfriend to drop the spear?” he stuttered out. I looked over Nuada, he was till ready to fight them. One prince of Elves versus four witches… awesome.

“Nuada.” He just grunted dropping his spear and changing his body into a relaxed position.

“And you’re right I did do stuff like this. But the difference is… I’m a half demon and I did my tricks on people inside of BPRD. Not out here in the real world.” I relayed truthfully.

“She’s right.” Navka teleported to be right beside me. As the parents of each teenager popped up right beside them. “And she was not apart of a coven. She learned her magic on her own. She did not have the luck to have us. A family. You all should be ashamed. You’ve used your magic cruelly on ones who can not defend themselves. Your parents will take you home and tomorrow we will speak about this. At length. But! Before you leave, thank Mackenzie for contacting me and not the Bureau. They would have locked you four up without a second thought.” She grunted. The older woman motioned for each one of the children to approach me.

“Thank you.” They each said before their parents grabbed them taking them home.

“Thank you, as always, Mackenzie.” Navka said leaning towards me for a hug. I shared it with her.

“Yeah, you’re welcome. Keep an eye on Jody. She’s good with those weather spells.” I smiled. She was a mini genius.

“She’s like a smaller you. You were a talented user when I first met you. Far more advanced than any of my other students.” She pressed a kiss to my forehead before turning to run a hand over Tiye’s head and looking at Nuada. “You are very spell, young elf. Protect what you have.” She said running her hand down my shoulder and following my hand to my stomach. I looked down at where she stopped her hand before she took a step away. What the hell was this witch saying?

“I will always protect Mackenzie.” He grunted.

“That’s good to know. Now, I must leave. Come by for Christmas?” she asked.

“Of course. I’ll try to break him out as well.” I motioned to my elf.

“Sounds wonderful. The coven will be delighted. Have good evening.” She said before popping out of thin air.

“What was the witch talking about?” Nuada asked as we began to walk back to the SUV.

“No clue. She’s a mystery most of the time to me.”

“How long have you’ve known her?” he asked me.

“A looonng time.” I said as we crossed the river using the actual bridge this time. We walked in silence for a few moments until we got a little bit closer to the SUV. “Babe, lets get home. It is freaking cold outside.” I said leaning over to kiss his lips before making a mad dash to the SUV he was close behind me as Tiye over took both of us. Leaving us both laughing as she tried to get into the SUV without help.

Day 13- Silver

Hello!! I’ve decided since I’ve missed so much that I’d do the day I’m currently on and one more if possible. Its been a bit crazy at home. I’ve had to take up cooking all the cookies for my family so that’s about 8 or 9 dozen of six different types of cookies. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement but I’m going to try and keep this up. Today, I’m just doing todays prompt soooo sorry!! So today is day 13- Let’s see what I come up with.

Day 13- Silver

“Ms. Dursley?” I turned my head at the voice. It was him! My all-time favorite idol! I could feel my heart beat speed up as he took a few steps in to the living room where his wife left me to wait for him.

“Yes!” I almost shouted and quickly repeated the answer at a lower tone.

“Ms. Dursley, I don’t get many visitors such as yourself.” He meant female students, it was still a sexist world out there. I pushed a hand into my pocket to let Needles wrap around my finger so I could take him out. “Oh, what do you have there?” he asked leaning forward. “A bowtruckle.” He paused holding his hand out to Needles who just slapped his wrinkled hand harshly.

“Needles!” I scolded my little friend.

“Needles?” He asked me.

“That’s his name. He… told me…” I mumbled not looking up at the man.

“It suits him. I apologize, Needles. I was not trying to take you away from your friend. I was just going to feel your leaf. Where does he live regularly?” he asked me.

“I have a small cedar bonsai in here.” I motioned to my black bowler purse. It had an extension charm I learned from Hermione. I looked up to see the older man smile softly.

“That’s a pretty complicated charm to perform.” He stated leaning back softly.

“My best friend taught me. She’s a genius. Hermione Granger.” I said nodding my head along remembering just how smart my best friend is.

“What else do you got in there?” he asked me. I paused, I was going to answer but I remembered he worked for the Ministry.

“Just little knickknacks. Needles hates how cluttered it is in there.” Lie. Semi-Truth. Needles squealed catching my attention as he climbed up my sleeve, making his home in my hair that was falling out of the messy bun I held up with my wand.

“He sure likes you. There aren’t any else with you?” he asked me.

“No, sir. Needles was a lone when I found him. I was planning to take him to a wand tree with other Bowtruckles but when we found one, he didn’t want to leave me. So I got my own little tree for him to make his home.” I giggled softly when Needles tapped my ear to remind me why we came here. “Oh… uh yes. Ummm Mr. Scamander, I was wondering if you knew anything about kitsune cubs? Umm my professor asked me to research them over the holiday and I was wondering if you could give me some insight?” I asked him. He went over to a puffy soft looking chair and sat down then gestured for me to sit as well. I quickly scurried over to it.

“Kitsune cub you say.” He eyed my purse slightly when I just placed it on the floor I tried to bring his attention from it.

“A few things are known. They are very elusive. It be very odd to come upon one in England. But if I were to come upon one, I would try to find its mother as fast as possible.” When he paused I took advantage of it.

“What if the mother can’t be found or… uhh she was killed?” I asked him.

“That would be truly terrible. That would mean the cub would need to be feed milk until old enough to eat meat. I would also be very careful with them because as cubs I’ve heard they are very mischievous. They can disappear with a wrinkle of their nose or create hallucinations. And a lot more.” He stated then lifted his head up to look at me. “You must be on your professor’s bad list to have work over the holiday.” He grunted.

“Ohh yes. I often get into a little bite of trouble with my friends’ older brothers. They’re a great troublesome pair…”

“Newt? I’m starting dinner… Oh dear, are you going to stay for dinner?” Mrs. Scamander asked walking in with a towel in her hands.

“Ohhh.” I glanced at my watch and gasped. “I would love to but… my parents don’t know I was here. I must get home…” I was going to be in so much trouble. “Mr. Scamander… Mrs. Scamander. Thank you so much!” I quickly said shaking both of their hands before rushing out of their home. I made it to the bus just in time. It was practically empty. I quickly found a seat at the back of it and looked inside my purse. I smiled as my eyes caught the scene of the small silver kitsune curling up into one of my many pieces of clothes that littered the large charmed extension. “What do you think Needles? Do we need to take her back to Japan?” I asked my little buddy. He grunted and made a soft ‘hmuph’ sound. “I think we do too… maybe the Weasleys can help?” I asked, he just nodded his head and leaned his hand against my cheek. “Hopefully we don’t get into too much trouble when we get home.” I grumbled closing the purse and leaning over to look out the window as the scenic view passed us by. I didn’t really mind getting in trouble but right now I was more worried about how I was going to get the little silver kitsune back to her home country of Japan. I knew how it felt being out of place in your home, I could only imagine how it felt being absolutely alone in a world she knew nothing about.

Day 10- Should | Shouldn’t

It’s super short but this is all yall get. Its a Hellboy snippet. I hope yall like it!

Day 10-Should | Shouldn’t

I sat cross legged in the library waiting for Dad to come in. We were going to have an all-out yelling brawl. I knew it. There wasn’t any way we could avoid it. He basically abandoned me for his human girl friend and their babies. He forgot about his first child. I was the forgotten child. Yup. Now all I had to do was wait. He would come into the library any moment now.

“If your looking for Hellboy. He’s not coming.” I looked up to see her. Liz. I rolled my eyes at the new information.

“Fucking pussy.”

“Really?” She asked her voice getting a little higher. She was upset.

“Yeah he is!” I growled my anger coming out with full force as the wall in the library shook. “You should leave…. NOW.” I growled out at her getting to my feet and walking towards the back entrance of the library where it led to the stair way that was the emergency exit to the surface.

“No, I shouldn’t.” she stated. “You need to stop this childish behavior. You’re a grown woman.”

“Oh don’t tell me how old I am! I am older than you, Elizabeth. I will act however I wish. Now.” I spun to face her. “Tell my father to come face me when he grows a pair.” I hissed at her. I whistled to tell Tiye we were leaving. I stood at the entrance to stairs waiting for her. I could hear her claws scratching against the floor as she came from the main hall. I looked to the door to see Nuala, Abe, Nuada and Tin-Can stood at the door.

“Your father doesn’t deserve this treatment.” Liz said.

“Well I didn’t deserve John telling me, you two had twins then gotten married while we were in a meeting in London and making me look like an idiot in front of the director who attended your baby shower.” I hissed the walls shaking once again as I took a few steps towards her. “I was mortified. John fucking knew it the second it left his lips. He apologized but the damage was already done. The director thought I was a horrible daughter, didn’t even show up to her half-siblings’ baby shower. But you know what it took 30 minutes for me to convince him how fucking horrible of a father Hellboy actually is and always will be.” I stated.

“Ms. Bruttenholm, please take a step back.” The Tin-Can stated from the door.

“Don’t make me exorcise you, Tin-Can. I can and I will.” I hissed at him. This made Nuada snicker slightly and made me look right at the handsome elf prince.

“Don’t harm her.” Nuala whined like I was a great villain.

“I’m not going to harm her.” I mocked her which made Nuada smirk at me. I summoned book up and pushed it against the angry human’s chest. “This is for the twins. Its fairy tale book charmed to display the tale like a movie when you open it to the tale. Now fuck off.” I hissed as Tiye pushed her way into the room. She almost knocked Tin-Can over as she entered. “Lets go, Tiye.” I told the shadowcat. We left through the stair way. We stopped at the market to buy food before we headed to the manor.

Day 9-Bright

Hello! Sorry for not posting for the pass two days. I made tamales with my family which is an all day kind of thing and I was totally exhausted so the next day I need a break from well everything. I was super tired. Still am. But oh well. First up is Friday’s challenge. This is a fanfic snippet for James Cameron’s Avatar… one of my many favorite alien movies.

Day 9: Bright—Kalypso Vargas

“Where are we going?” I asked him as he clutched my hand in his own.


“Tsu’tey!” I groaned as he continued to pull me along behind him.

“Yes, my tutan.” My heart fluttered as he called me his mate. He finally accepted the truth I knew since I found him after the final battle. He was my other half. The person, na’vi, to make me smile and laugh especially when he would try to teach me to hunt and end up getting frustrated at how bad I am at it.

“Tsu’tey, please tell me where are we going? I have to help Neytiri give birth… she is going to pop any day now. We can’t be gone for long.” I grunted as we continued to walk through the dense forest.

“I have talked to Jake. He has promised to not allow Neytiri give birth until your return.” I sighed loudly at this very male comment.

“Men can’t promise that. Hell, women can’t promise that. Tsu’tey, the baby decides when they will be born.” I grumbled as we jumped over a long log.

“I know this. You are able to have free time now. We shall go somewhere special.” He stated with a ‘matter of fact’ kind of voice. I smiled at my mate. He was a natural born leader while I was a meek animal care taker. We were totally opposites. I loved to read all my books and he couldn’t stand to sit still for long. Our home was filled with my old books covering the left wall while his hunting tools cover the right. We often fought about our future, not even existing children and how they would be raised. Which usually ended with sex but we do argue a lot. Like a lot of a lot. I felt my feet slow as the thoughts flooded my mind. I slowly came to a stop while Tsu’tey did the same. His face turned to me with concern mostly because I stopped talking or complaining. “What is wrong?” he asked leaning forward to grasp my face with his large hands.

“We are exact opposites.”

“I know this. That is why we make a good team. You calm me while I burn a fire in you.” He said placing one of his hands on my hip bringing me closer to him. Our pelvises grazing each other in an intimate touch.

“My parents…their parents.” I looked into his eyes to see if he was following my words. He was. “They both fought a lot. My mother’s father beat her mother until she could not stand.” He looked angry with my words. “Same with my father’s parents. They both divorced…” he looked confused at my words. “They left each other for other mates.”

“That is wrong!” he growled.

“But their fathers beat their wives…mates.” He growled loudly at my words once again.

“They should have been killed. I would never do such a thing to you.” He leaned forward to push his lips against mine.

“But still…What if you grow to hate me?” I asked him.

“Never. Never. You are my light.” He whispered closer to me, basically covering my whole body with his. “You make me better.” He ran his lips over my forehead. “When you swell with our child, I will hunt to feed you what ever you wish for. I will always be there for you.” He grumbled into my hairline.

“Thank you, Tsu’tey…”

“Now let us continue!” he grabbed my hand pulling me along behind him.

“Tsu’tey where are we going?” I asked as we continued to run.

“We are here.” He stated as we came to harsh stop. I crashed into his hard back.

“Where is here?” I questioned going to step around him. “Oh my… it so beautiful.” I whispered.

“It is.” I looked up to him, he was looking down at me. He was so corny and he didn’t even know he was. We stood in the new trees that surrounded the Tree of Souls. They were small but so beautifully grown. I took a few steps towards the tree when his hand encircled my wrist. “Follow me.” He said leading us towards the main Tree of Souls. I smiled as he laid under the large tree. I plopped down beside him comfortably curling into his side.

“It is so bright here. How do you expect me to sleep?” I asked looking up into his beautiful eyes.

“Not at all.” He grinned down at me with a sly smile only to lean down placing his lips on top of me. He slowly rolled his large body over mine. I let loose a loud giggle as he kissed me over and over.

Day 8-Apothocary

Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who is reading these! Yall are making me super happy. This is a little snippet of a job that Mac has to do to save kidnapped girls in her witching community. Thank you!!

Day 8- Apothecary

“What are you looking for my dear?” I lifted my head to look at the old goblin female that was behind the old wooden counter. I let my gaze fall on to the boil covered thing. It would be easy to kill such a creature as it stood with its big eyes glued to my form as I perused the different already prepared potions. The creature must have witches under its thumb to have such kinds of potions. Disgusting.

“A certain potion.”

“And that is? I have all kinds.” She stated with a snort at the end. She was arrogant. Made me even more disgusted.

“And who makes these potions?” I asked as I continued to walk around the small shop. My long trench coat covered my long arrow tipped tail and my black hoodie which was under it hid my horns. Most people thought I just had my hair up in a weird up-do, not my horns. I usually kept my face tipped down to let my hood hide any characteristics that would help people identify me quickly before I could do my job. My job, this time, being this apothecary shop.

“Uhhh well, I do, of course!” she stumbled over her words.

“With those… uhhhh claws.” I asked glancing at her clawed hands. They were worse than mine which were human hands tipped with long black inch long claws.

“Ohhhh yes, yes. I am very careful.” She quipped quickly as she walked over to the box beside me.

“Well. That’s good.” I stated turning to face away from her.

“So the potion you are looking for?” she asked leaning in to place one of her knurly hands on my upper arm. I grunted looking down at the claw. I opened my mouth showing my fangs at the creature. She jumped back at the sight of them. “Apologies.” She quickly took her hand off of me.

“I am looking for a tracking potion.”

“Oh? What are you looking for?” she asked me.

“A friend.”

“She is lost or a runaway?” It asked me.

“Hmmm missing. Actually a few of my friends are missing.” I mumbled as I ran a finger over a potion used to melt flesh.

“Oh and they are from where exactly?” she was just full of questions.

“Hmmm you are curious. Well they actually are from the Kivra’s White Magic Clan.” I heard her heart beat speed up similar to only moments ago when she saw a glimmer of my fangs.

“Ohhh Oh uhhh well. Uhhh we have some…” she was taking a few steps backwards when I closed my hands around the flesh melting potion. I flung it towards her as she went scrambling to get behind the counter. It splashed around her feet as she jumped into her barstool in attempt to get away from me. “Where are the girls!?” I growled placing my hands on the hood of my jacket and pushed the fabric back to show my horns.

“Wh… what….I don’t know what you mean?!! I have no clue of girls.” It grunted with tears in its eyes from the stomach curdling smell of the flesh of her feet burning.

“Yeah. And I am not a fucking half demon.” She froze in her steps which made me smirk. It was scared out of her mind. “Now tell me where the girls are or I will burn this place to the ground with you inside of it.”

“No. No. No. please!!” It cried as I raised a hand to knock or another few potions.

“A creature like you creating master pieces such as these?” I picked up a potion for forgetfulness and tossed it on to the ground like it was just a piece of paper. “Now… tell me or I will fucking destroy this place.” I hiss at her walking up to the counter and slamming my fist on to the counter. Everything on it jumped as my fist made contact with the wood.

“Fine! Fine!” she cried out. “They are under us.” She hissed.

“Thank you.” I grunted leaning forward throwing my hand out to draw my long black claws into her throat and slicing it open. As her body fell to the ground, I lean forward saying, “I’ll bring you back if you are lying.” Thankfully she wasn’t. The 15 teenage girls were in the basement of the building. The girls were the ones making the potions while chained to the ground with an ankle lock. Thankfully being given jobs that benefit my community was better than having to deal with family issues such as why my father had a whole other family and not tell me anything about it.

Day 7- Bauble!

Pretty late for my post but I almost forgot to post it! Here ya go! Oh and its a fanfic snippet for Hellboy one of my OCs.

Day 7- Bauble

“Ready?” I lifted my head to look over at my boyfriend. His pale white skin shimmered in the light of our sitting room. I looked down at what rested in my hand. It was a monster Bauble. A family tradition that my father had started a long time ago when I was only a few months old. But when he started the tradition, the baubles were just fake monsters. Now. Now is a different story. After we finally found the Troll Market under the Brooklyn Bridge, I made it my mission to go there all the time. I loved the normalicy I felt there. No one stared openly at the demon chick with two large curled back red horns and a matching spear tip tail. No they just gave me a side glance (mostly because my trusty shadowcat) and went back to their business. Demons were rare but it wasn’t like it is with humans who just stare and gawk at the weird chick with horns. I smiled at the bauble in my left hand. It was latest one. I had actually bought it in the London Goblin Alley. The bauble was a shrunken cursed ghoul’s head biting onto a hook so I could hang it from my tree. It was pretty awesome if you got pass the part where a flesh eating monster was constantly blinking and growling at you every time it saw you. It was just one of the collection of six I have with real monsters acting as baubles for my Christmas tree. “Mac? Are you ready?” he asked me as he leaned against his staff. His scarred face grimacing as I dropped the ghoul bauble back into the peanuts where they lived for the better part of the year. I got to my feet and walked towards my very indulgent boyfriend. I placed my hands on his slim waist leaning forward to place a kiss on his cheek.

“What market are you taking me too?” I asked him.

“Where do you want to go?” he countered with a sly smile on his face. He knew I had making decisions but loved to force me to. I groaned pushing my face into his clothed chest.

“Nuada, I don’t want to choose. Please choose.”

“No.” he stated plainly.

“Nuada.” I pleaded with the elf prince.

“Mackenzie.” He grunted right back but with a lot of indifference in his tone.

“Mac! Mac!!” we both turned at the small voices that belonged to my half siblings. The five year olds were rushing over to us with great big balls in their arms.

“Hey kids.” I greeted them still clinging to Nuada’s waist.

“Mac why are you always hugging Nuada?” Zeke asked me with a tilt of his head. He was lucky to look mostly human well other than the tiny fact that he’s as red as our natural born demon father.

“Because she loooooves him!” Anna laughed to her brother, who just gagged in disgust of the word.

“Why yes I do looooove him, Anna.” I said kissing Nuada’s cheek that was set in an enteral frown.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!! Twins!!” I heard Dad bellow after screeching like a banshee. The twins both rushed to hide behind my Christmas tree.

“What did you two do?” I asked them as Nuada smirked at my father’s pain. They seriously had a twisted relationship.

“Welllll….” Anna started.

“Anna.” I grunted for her to continue.

“Zeke laid his legos outside of dad’s office then I put all my playdough after it…” she quipped quickly. I sighed shaking my head. If dad was bare foot it was going to hurt then feel absolutely disgusting. If he was in his boots then the playdough was going to stain his perfect boots.

“Run along little ones. We have decisions to make.” Nuada shoed the two off but they just stared at us. “Run. Along.” He punctuated his words with a glare at them. He didn’t actually not like them. He just didn’t like anyone. Sort of like me.

“Why?” Anna asked.

“Because Tiye is going to eat you.” I motioned for the lazy shadowcat to chase the twins out of the room. She gave me sideways glance then yowled at the two, who both squealed and ran out of the room with Tiye right on their tails. I smiled back up at my significant other and placed my hands on his cheeks. “Are you going to be a dick when we have kids?” I asked him. He gave me a smirk and leaned forward to kiss my lips.

“Our children will be perfect so does it matter?” he asked me.

“Awww.” I laughed kissing him back quickly.

“Now… where are we going to buy your Monster Bauble?” he asked me with a quirked eyebrow.

“Ugggggg.” I groaned leaning backwards knowing he would hold my hips so I didn’t fall backwards. He was used to my dramatic ways.


“Okay! Okay! Brooklyn. Might as well visit the family while we’re there too.” I said with an evil grin. He absolutely hated my mother’s side of the family. Navka, the matriarch of one of the witch clans often questioned when we were going to have children. Then my grandmother followed us around telling us what we should and shouldn’t buy because the seller was either a slug or not. Her words not mine. I don’t even know what a slug is.

“I regret not making the decision.” He grunted.

“I bet.”

Day 6- Wish upon a Star?

Day 6 is here! I’m doing another Harry Potter snippet. This is basically how I’m ending the entire series. Hope yall like it!!


Dec 6-Wish upon a star?

“You are a liar.” I laughed as George laid beside me on the grass covered ground. He was totally lying about what he spoke of.

“I am not! I swear!” he giggled rolling onto his side propping his head on his hand. He stared at me for a few moments until he lifted his hand to pull at a braid that sat near him. “Jo?” I turned my head to look directly at him.

“Hmmm?” I asked looking into his deep green eyes.

“Do you like it here?” he asked me.

“Here at the Burrow?” I asked him. He nodded his head confirming it.

“Quite much. But I loved living so closely to London as a child, though. It was also close to Professor Scamander.” I turned to face him copying his position. “Why do you ask, George?” I asked him raising a finger to touch his scared ear.

“I have a question.”

“Oh? What kind of question?” I asked him.

“A serious question, Marjorie.” That told me for sure it was serious. He used my full name. I sat up to looked at him.

“Are you okay, George?” I asked with a sigh. It could be a million of things. Fred. Remus. Tonks. Merlin, everyone we lost in the battle. I couldn’t even begin to decide which one it was.

“Marjorie.” He said standing up. I sighed even louder because this meant I had to get up as well or risk my neck hurting while I looked up at his tall stature.

“George?” I asked once more coming to his side to touch his arm gently and lean on to his side.

“I wish…” he paused for a few moments. Longer for a few moments, it scared me. Was he going to wish that he had died and not Fred? Please, Merlin, don’t let him say that.

“What, George?” I asked leaning forward on to him once more.

“I wish on a star that my beautiful, magizoologist girlfriend will answer yes to my question.” He said in a low tone that made me almost stop breathing so not to miss his words.

“What question George?” I took his hand turning him to face me as I looked up into his beautiful eyes. He dropped to one knee his hand in mine as we looked into each other’s eyes. With his other hand, he pushes it into his pocket and pulls out a blue box. Opening it one handedly bringing it to my view. My heart stopped as the piece of jewelry peaked out at me.

“Will you marry me?” he asked slowly.

“Oh George.” I whispered as he took the ring from its box home. He paused with it at the tip of my finger. “Yes. Yes.” I whispered over and over. Once the ring was over my finger and nestling into its new home. I fell to my knees kissing my future husband’s face gently with my hands on both cheeks.

“I’m relieved.” He grunted between kisses.

“Oh George I thought something bad had happened. You scared me to death.” I whimpered as I moved to push my face into his neck.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized with a kiss to my temple. “Now how big do you want the wedding?” he asked me with a goofy smile upon his lips. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the question. He knew I hated parties whole heartedly and enjoyed to tease me.

Day 5-What Haunts You?


So this little snippet is actually based off of an OC for a Harry Potter fic I have going. I’m planning on posting the first one when I have to totally finished.

Day 5: What Haunts You?

I laid in bed looking over at Hermione as she talked about her potions class like I wasn’t there a few seat down from her. I wasn’t really listening to her but more thinking about what he had told me. What Sirius had said made an impression. How could it not?

“Petunia and Vernon aren’t your parents.”

Could that be true? I mean, I only had really one thing in common with them. My roundness. I looked over to the window by my bed and glanced out to Black Lake. If I wasn’t their kid, then who’s was I? Did my parents even want me?? Clearly they didn’t but could they now?

“Hey, Jo are you listening to me?” Hermione asked me.

“Actually…no. I have to go Mione…” I said standing up quickly. I let Needles grab on to my skirt edge as I walked pass where he was living on the house plant we kept in the dorm.

“Ohhhh uhhh okay. Are you okay Jo?” she asked following me to the door. Needles was climbing up my clothing as I paused at the door way. He quickly hid in my long hair. He eventually made his way to behind my ear where he usually nestled at.

“Uhhh no… actually I’m not.” I whispered feeling the words sink in to me at very depths of my soul. Was Sirius just saying what I already knew? Did I already know that I wasn’t the Dursleys’ child?

“What’s wrong? You… you look kind of haunted…” she wasn’t wrong. I was haunted. Haunted by the truth that a murderer brought to surface.

“Uhhh can I ask you something?” I asked her.

“Of course, we are best friends.” She said grabbing my hand gently.

“Do you know a spell to find out if your related to someone?” I asked her.

“Well actually there is a potion… its for someone finding their child… Why do you ask?” she asked me.

“I don’t think the Dursleys are my parents.” I whispered feeling a tear run down my cheek as I spoke the words out loud.

“Oh my….” She squeezed my hand gently. “What makes you think that?” she asked me.

“Just a feeling. Uhhh can you tell me the potion?” I asked her.

“Sure… Actually let me write it down. I think Snape has the ingredients in class. Maybe tomorrow you can get the stuff or…” she gave a look that told me to take Harry’s favorite item. The invisibility cloak.

“I’m going to do that.” I quickly moved to my note pad and wrote a quick note to Harry, asking him to let me borrow it tonight. She was writing the name of the potion down and the ingredients for me. I quickly casted the spell for the paper to fold itself in to a hornet and sent it to find Harry. It zoomed out of our dorm and down the hall.

“Here you go. Good luck, Jo.” She said holding my hand tightly as she handed the list to me.

“Thanks, Mione.” I hugged her to me and raced out of the room with Needles in my hair bouncing along as we moved quickly down the hall. I was ready to figure out what the hell was going on with my life.