Pokemon Go????

Since I’ve already posted today, I kind of felt obligated to fill everyone in on how my pokemon Go is going. Well lets just say after I looked at my data for the first few months of actually playing Go… I kind of said “Nahhh Jack.” It seriously is a freaking annoying piece of crap if you think of the fact that it eats your data like its going out of style. AND I’m on a data plan with my whole family who are major freaking nerds too so to say we went over the limit is a freaking understatement.

But anyways as of right now. Let me open the app. I’m currently on campus so I’m on the wifi here. Thank God. But now i remember one of the reason I don’t get on much any more along with the data eating, it takes a freaking hour to even open (Just kidding), but seriously it takes a good minute and that’s annoying.

So anyways its open now and guess what?!!! I’m sitting in the middle of three poke stops. I dont even have to get out of my seat to get all three. I got a lot of stuff too! But anyways plus the pokestops there are three pokemon right beside me. So lets just say its was smart to open this app up where I’m sitting. Just caught a growlithe with the help of my dratini. Such a good little pokemon!!!

Okay seriously. I got a little happy playing this game but now I’m remembering I don’t have my charger with me soooo I’m definitely closing the app and hoping that I can last the day with my phone. But yeah, I think I might start playing again just around my neighborhood just in case I need to charge up or jump on my house wifi!

Thank you for reading my weird game play!



Pokemon Go-Best day???

Okay so this game is literally on everyone’s mind. It is literally the best game out there because it is getting people up out of their houses and at least trying to be active. Personally, I am in love with Pokemon GO, its cool finding all the pokestops and even reading about my community when I stop there. Yesterday had to be one of my most successful days yet.

Yesterday, I caught over 40 pokemon. One of the best tips I can give others is go to military bases. I literally caught multiple pokemon in just the parking lot of the BX. It was awesome! Also if its like an Air Force base, they usually have airplanes on display or places that were there before the base was built around it. I made my mother drive to every pokestop, which was most of the airplanes on display and a few buildings; like the clinic or baptist church. It was pretty funny because there were about 5 or 6 other vehicles parking in front of the airplanes, waiting a few moments than reversing and going to the next airplane. I could not stop laughing at how many people were playing this game. I got so much stuff from those stops too. On base I got a Rhyhorn and a Rhydon. I got an Abra in the commissary while food shopping. It was great!

Today was less successful, I used an incense for basically no reason because I was trying to get an Onyx that  keeps popping up in my neighborhood but runs away whenever I get close to it. I do keep getting a lot of paras and pidgeys, so I’m using them to get pidgey candy to powerup and evolve. Yesterday I also hit level 5 allowing me to pick a team. I could not choose at all so I’ve been putting it off. By midday today, I was already a level 7 and my brothers, future sister-in-law and niece showed up for a visit AND our topic of the day was Pokemon GO. After talking a bite I chose a team. Team Mystic. While my other brother and future sister-in-law chose Valor. Mystic just seemed to be the smart intellectual team, so as a major book nerd and a little bit obsessed with blue I went with Mystic.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading as usual!


Pokemon Go-Today!

I think I had a freaking successful day today! I caught 11 pokemon all together! Woot! Woot! (I used incense lolz) I caught a Pidgeotto in the middle of a panic attack I was having. (I was driving alone for the first time and pulled over to get over my panic attack when he showed up out of no where!) From then on I caught three pidgeys. Another Eevee, and a meowth. Now a funny story.

I was using the incense and a Ninetails showed up as near by. I saw some leaf floating down the street so I put on my sandals and ran after the little shit. Turns out to be a a freaking Primeape, while I was busy trying capture him in wedge beach sandals, a leg wrap, shorts, a brown tank top and nappy ass hair. I can hear a car pulling up behind me and stop. I froze freaking out, like this was how I was going to die. Playing fucking Pokemon in crap clothes and not even wearing a cute bra. I turn when I hear, “Are you playing Pokemon!?” It turned out this guys was looking for the Ninetails too! I told him about the Primeape and he pulled over to capture one. It was too freaking funny! Still I could never get that Ninetails, the closest I got was in my backyard with my dad when we were trying to put a shed together. Pretty upset about that Ninetails.

But I guess I live in an area where the map doesn’t think its so developed so while my dad was driving to Lowes I got not one but three Paras and a Hitmonlee. Its pretty awesome because the map thinks most of my area is just desert area and grass not massive house development. My house isn’t even on the map!

Another thing is that I got my mom hooked on the game too! She loves it and wants to capture pokemon but she isn’t so good at throwing the pokeballs.

Again thanks for reading!



Just caught another Pidgey on my desk!!!!  I definitely love this game!!

Pokemon Go!

First of all, I’ve had a bad family centered weekend and beginning of the week so the minute my brother sent me the link for the app, I was on it like well a manga nerd to a cheap manga sale. I was so excited so I downloaded it. I giggled my way through the wait reading the text messages that my brother sent me about how he had gotten a Charmander at work. I was so happy it finally opened but then it asked for my google account, like any normal person I had about five to choose from (lolz). So I continued but then my GPS was not picking up a single even with me standing on my stupid couch with my phone in hand in the air. I had all bars and my google map app was working perfectly fine.

I happily squealed as I got to create my avatar, not much to choose from but maybe in the future the designers will give us a chance to update or add different looks to our avatar so they can stand out to other players (other than our unique names). I choose an all pink outfit and giggled because I can remember back in middle school all I wore was a large black hoodie that was previously owned by my older brother and black sweats, now I am a firm believer of pink being one of the best colors for ME. I look damn good in bright colors and even better in different shades of pink.

I was even happier to see my first Pokemon were showing up. The three original generation beginner pokemon. I happily chose Bulbasaur and turned on the camera view AND!!! right on my mother’s lap was sitting an adorable Bulbasaur. I made my father make a mad dash from his computer to look at it. He thought it was the coolest thing yet. He kept commenting on why didn’t someone think of this sooner and that they must be very smart. I smiled as I tried stupidly to capture the pokemon a few times before I figured out that all I had to do was through the pokeball at the Bulbasaur’s circle area. I caught my first pokemon!!! Yahoo!!!

I took in the map around my neighborhood and found out that I had a few pokestops around my area. In a park just a block over is a Gym which you have to level 5 to get into. In a Park and Ride on the other side of my neighborhood there is a pokeshop. Thinking about walking over to that to see what kind of pokemon I can get on the way there. And in a gated community just on the other side of my block is another pokeshop. I seriously am contemplating breaking in to go to the shop (LOLZ).

Overall, I really like this new app. I think its totally a 90s generations’ game. Its going to probably start adding ways to buys pokemon or medicines and such so that you actually pay towards the app. One thing I have noticed is that my battery has gone down super quick with the app going. I’ve also tried about four times to get on to get to a page that says that “our servers are down” or something like that. Which was a little annoying but totally understandable with a beginning app. All of them first have problems and I’m thinking this is just one of the many speed bumps Pokemon GO will have to go through as it gets older and better.


Okay that’s all for today. I’m going to try and post at least once a day. It helps with the fuming anger I get from life as a completely normal human being 🙂 

Thanks for reading!