My First Novel~

Hello! Trying to get back in the swing of posting.

Anyways, I’m seriously working on my first novel. I have the first chapter done and I’m working on the next one. It is sort of a new adult take on modern day mythical creatures and how they fit into our modern days. Its going to center around a woman who moves to a new town for personal reason and ends up in a mythical market place where she learns who she really is. Or what she really is. Its going to have not only pompous elves but an overprotective Berserker and a slightly self-conscious Phoenix. Oh and a giant Japanese spider.

I don’t have a name for it yet but it will come around sooner or later. I was wondering what you guys think of just that tidbit. Should I give out more? I’m sort of crazy and think that people might steal my idea but its actually a really personal story that means a whole lot to me.

Anyway thanks for reading as usual!