DMoM-Day Three

Diet Month of May

Day Three

Okay I’m writing this between the two papers I have to write. One for Indigenous American course and one for Southeast Asian. I told yall about my book I was reading and thankfully I’m done with that one. I’m almost done with my Indigenous American paper. So, I’m pretty much over the moon. All I have after it, is an in-class exam for my indigenous American class tomorrow so YAY!

Day Three Meal Plan

B4B: Lemon Water ACV Drink

B: 2 hardboiled eggs & half orange

L: Smoothie Sub

D: Taco Salad

BB: Cinnamon Tea


I was thinking that my detox drinks weren’t working… well, boy was I wrong. I am detoxing like a mother… But I definitely think the lemon water ACV is better than the tea. Both taste like hell though. I think the lemon water is way spicier than that stupid ginger tea, which I regret whole heartedly as well. But the cayenne this morning hit me so hard in the back of my throat I wanted to scream.


I ate breakfast behind the kitchen counter so I could watch stupid NCIS as I ate. I love watching reruns on USA, seriously the best. Except for some of the episodes with director Jenny. I dislike those seasons quite a bit. I was trying to decide if I wanted to watch Attack on Titan, which I love. But I’m scared of finishing it before the second season is done so I can’t binge watch that then I’d have to wait like another year until the next season is up. I made the mistake of finished Yona of the Dawn in like two days and I am fighting to keep my credit card in my wallet so I don’t go buying the whole manga series. I’m basically on the same deal with Attack on Titan.


              My mom basically dragged me out of the house before I got my written exam for my Indigenous Americans course. Where, you may ask? The casino!!!! Woot! Woot! I didn’t really win anything at all but its fun just to be in a huge building where its socially okay to play games all day. I mean its better than being judged because I sit behind my desk top playing World of Warcraft until two in the morning. So, I got to play until I was dying of hunger and came home to have a delicious smoothie. Again, I put a sample protein powder in it. This time I threw it out before I could write down the name and I’m not a big fan of trash digging. It was actually pretty good. It had a banana, berries, almond milk and honey. The new usual. I think I can get used to the thickness.


              Though if I think about it, the greasy hamburger meat isn’t as healthy as maybe chicken or something but its easy to make. So I had a nice size salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and the meat. It was pretty delicious. I kind of felt like I hadn’t eaten in freaking ever. So I have no clue if the other protein powder was more filling or what.


              Due to the laziness that consumes me and sleepiness I’m suffocated by… I am not having that tea tonight. I will try the tea tomorrow… maybe. I don’t know. it depends on how much “detoxing” I’ve gone through.




DMoM-Day 2

Diet Month Of May

Day Two

Okay so day two started off with me wanting to punch every baker on facebook in the face. Why? Well I feel like everything that I love from Japanese Ramen to baklava was put on my feed just to torture me. I knew waking up today was going to SUCK. I’m like that person who diets for like an hour than turns around and has a hamburger stacked with onion rings and mushrooms. Fudge! So far, I haven’t devoured anything I’m not supposed to eat… yet anyways.

So last night, I posted before I actually drank my before bed tea and well, let me tell you something I will be trying a different way to create that drink. Why? Well I boiled the water and poured it over a green tea bag then added the honey and turmeric. I got stuck with a stupid chunk of turmeric at the bottom. I didn’t catch it until I was already chocking on the stupid thing and almost dying right there. It was straight disgusting. I’m gonna punch whoever made up these drinks in the face multiple times because of it.

Day Two Meal Plan:

B4B: Green Tea ACV Drink

B: 2 hardboiled eggs & ½ grapefruit

L: Chicken Salad Protein Smoothie

D: Salad/Veggie & Meat

BB: Ginger Detox Tea


              So, this morning’s drink was still disgusting but just not as disgusting as yesterdays. I may change all my morning drinks into to the Green Tea ACV Drink instead of the Lemon Water ACV Drink. It was water (1c), Green tea bag, ACV (1T) and honey (1t). It was still hard to keep down because after the first sip, a minute later I burped up the ACV. It was straight disgusting. I’m gonna just roll over and die right now… seriously.


              So there is not much to report about breakfast. It was the same as yesterday nothing different, nothing fun. I washed my grapefruit longer and harder than yesterday but it still tasted like chemicals. Is this a normal thing? Seriously, I would like to know. I had boiled eggs last night for my salad so I didn’t have to boil them this morning. I haven’t really decided if I like hot hardboiled eggs better than cold. If I had a gun to my head right now and I had to choose, I guess it would be hot because then the yolk is all freshly yellow and grey on the sides… plus who likes cold food? Weirdos…

Day two on not only the diet but the work out challenge is also going to kill me. I interrupt the ten lunges as ten on each side, so I’ve done that. My thighs slightly hurt and remind me to take it slow with the leg workouts because of my compression syndrome and fibromyalgia. Gotta take everything slow because I rather not have fibro flare up and end up rolled in a ball crying. (Happens more than you think.) That’s why I usually swim because its low impact on my body. Even though last night I passed out the minute my head hit the pillow. I was exhausted… It was a good exhausted though, if you know what I mean? Anyways back to the challenge, the hardest thing for me was the 30 second plank. I can’t really do the knee plank because the carpet on my knees actually hurts a lot more and since my last leg surgery I can’t really feel my feet, I rather do a full plank.

Going through today as a diary part, I checked my emails from last night and noticed my email to my prof didn’t get sent until 6:43pm. All day I’ve been freaking out! Why? Well, I could have sworn I sent the email at 6pm because I was about to sit down and eat dinner which usually takes forever so I didn’t want to miss the 6:40pm deadline. Thank everything under the sun! She emailed me about 11am today and said she got it… I am super relieved. That’s two classes down, two more to go.

So I’m currently still reading Burmese Lessons and decided I need to write my paper even though I’m only half way through the book. Well good thing I started. The descriptive paragraph is literally a whole page of single spaced Times New Roman 12 Font. I’m like over the moon. The paper all together has to be 5 to 7 pages of double spaced paper with a description of the book, why we read it, what was interesting about it and how it relates back to the class. I am in love with Connelly’s writing and adventure, I just want to drop everything here in AZ and go out and explore southeast Asia. I want the ability to travel like she does and confidence she has to jump into a culture where she doesn’t speak any of the language but falls into the culture like a drop of water into a lake. She may be a different skin color but she is so welcoming and warm that she inspires me to continue my studies as an Asian History Major. Which I’ve been rethinking hard. This book really has opened not just my eyes but my heart again to why I choose this major in the first place.


              So instead of the salad, I got super lazy and decided to do another smoothie substitute. I didn’t want to put the stupid salad together to I made a berries and banana smoothie with a protein powder sample I got called PlantFusion it’s a complete plant protein which has no dairy, soy and that its vegan and gluten free. I used almond milk again as the base. It… is slightly weird tasting. I may have to add more than a cup of berries next time and more almond milk. It is supposed to be 10 to 15oz  of liquid to one sample packet of the protein powder but I only did like 8oz which I didn’t notice until I was finished cleaning the blender. On the back it says, “Naturally-crafted gourmet flavors that make you look forward to the next shake.” I have no clue if I’d say that for sure. I’m a little hesitant to jump out of my seat and scream to the skies that, “Yes I’d like to have another shake!”


              Dinner was actually pretty good. I’m a carnivore to the max, so this whole stupid diet is killing me with no meat in the morning and sometimes during lunch. It was a round steak and broccoli. It was delicious. Love the meat!

I’m also happy to report I wasn’t hungry until only a few moments before dinner that’s pretty great! Especially because I went swimming for an hour before dinner.


Okay so this tea is really spicy. Is it the ginger? I think so. Uggg well anyways. The spice is kicking the s*** out of my throat. Ehhhhh!!!! Anyways, I think today has been a successful diet day. Thank everything under the sun.



Diet Month of May-Day 1

Diet Month of May

Day One

So all this month, my mother is trying one of those buy a huge box of supplements and crap to see how much weight she can lose. Me… Well I don’t have any money because I really don’t work soooo I will doing fad diets just to see if they actually work or if they are a crock of s***. Who knows? Anyway, today is day one. So I decided to keep to a normal-ish schedule of waking before 7 am and reading a bit before actually “waking up, waking up”. As a total nerd, I have to read a few minutes to remember that the real world is not as interesting or beautiful as the book I’m reading. But anyway back to diet diary. I am 184.8lb as of today which is actually a huge improvement to previous diet beginnings. The first two weeks of this diet fad month is going to be this diet I found on pinterest called the hardboiled egg diet. It’s a two week diet and its really annoyingly vague so I decided to add a few of my ideas to it.

Day One Meal Plan:

Before Breakfast (B4B): Lemon Water ACV Drink

Breakfast (B): Two Hard Boiled Eggs and half a citric fruit

Lunch (L): Meal Replacement Shake

Dinner (D): Lean meat and veggies

Before Bed (BB): Turmeric Green Tea

B4B: 6:57am

Anyways as of twenty minutes ago, I made the Lemon Water ACV Drink. I decided to combine healthy fad along with my diet fad so that I become super healthy. (I’m doing this as an experiment as well as a way to actually lose weight and become a little healthier.) Anyway, the Lemon Water ACV Drink consists of disgusting Apple Cider Vinegar (1Tb), freshly squeezed lemon juice (1Tb), raw honey (1Tb) and cayenne pepper powder (1tsp) all into a cup of unfiltered water. Okay so ew. This drink was worse than anything I’ve ever actually had to swallow. I was quickly disgusted with myself and the cup of “healthy” s*** that sat on my kitchen counter. I had to get a cup of water to drink between the two chugs I took of the drink to finish it all the way off. As I sit here writing this little bit, well I’m burping up cayenne and ACV, and it is not appetizing either way. While I made, and drank this foul tasting healthy crap, I had my two eggs boiling and cut up my grapefruit. I personally love eggs, anyway and any form so that’s why I choose this diet as my first fad diet. I wanted to be able to eat many, many eggs.

On to the second part of this diet fad month, the working out part. It summer so, the pool is clean and ready for ten laps every day plus an hour of general working out in the pool. Yup. Plus another thing that is trending right now, workout challenges! Woohoo! Yeah! NO! Seriously, I’ve tried these stupid challenges all year and I haven’t got one finish yet so I’m not really holding my breath on this one either but whatever. I’m gonna start this 30-day Butt and Gut Challenge on Pinterest. Today it’s 10 squats and 10 crunches. It is a slow introduction to the challenge which I totally appericate since I’m physically prone to harm myself and others when I try to work out in some way or another. Its stupid but true. Anyways this is what I am going to be doing between B4B and B. Hopefully, with the combination of all these stupid trending diets and challenges, I’ll actually lose weight and be able to sit in a coach seat on British Airlines comfortable.


              Breakfast was uhhh good? I used to have half a grapefruit when I was younger whenever I visited my grandmother’s house but she drenched it in that liquid Sweet’n’low so it was definitely not as healthy as todays was. Plus, she’d make a whole meal with eggs and bacon. But at last, today’s meal was two hard boiled eggs with half a grapefruit. I’m not complaining or anything just wondering, are you supposed to taste the pesticides in the grapefruit? Seriously, this grapefruit tasted like chemicals and soap, I was slightly disgusted but what was I supposed to do…

Anyways, I’ve found another thing I may start doing which is: using the egg shells for compost. I have green thumb so I have a bunch of plants going right now. A mystery plant that is huge and I totally forgot what it was, so I just call it Mys short for… you guessed it mystery. I also have five bell pepper plants going along with three black bean plants. I also have collards growing like crazy as well as a few other plants so I think if I just grind up the shells every morning after I eat my breakfast and dump them around the different plants I’ll save a little money of actually buy stuff like plant food also! I’m being green. It’s a small way of being green but that usually where your supposed to start. Doing small things.


After an hour of swimming… I decided it was time to eat lunch or really… drink it. Okay on the bright side I drank healthy and I’m full. On the dark and deathly side, I had to chug the crap out of that disgusting piece of s*** (I need to find a better descriptive) because it tasted like slightly sweet freshly cut grass. Don’t ask how I know this. It’s a long freaking story. So the substitute grass tasting slush I drank was collard greens (the ones I’m growing in my backyard-1c), almond milk (which is good because I’m lactose intolerant-1c), berries (1c), half a banana, almond butter (1T), and rolled oats (2T). Overall, I thought it was going to be delicious because I tried another recipe from the page I got this one from and that one was delicious, I was sadly wrong. It was disgusting. You live and you learn, I guess.

Anyways, I’ve come to understand that this first week is going to be a b*t*h because I am wrapping up college. I have to finish editing a stupid paper for my U.S.-Mexico Border class where the prof is a hard grader which basically makes me want to die. I also have to finish reading a book called Burmese Lessons overall, it’s a great story. A true love story about a Canadian woman falling in love with a Burmese leader against the military regime. I’m majoring in Asian History and I love Burmese history. It is so moving how the people working together to fight for their rights. The university students really move me.


              Dinner time… yay! By 5:30pm I am basically dying. That stupid smoothie was not good at all and made me burp up grass until I took a bite of my hardboiled egg with my salad. All together I had a small thigh of sweet’n’spicy chicken with a nice spinach salad. I personally love spinach salads because I feel like I’m getting multi things out of the salad. It was delicious and very filling. Thank everything under the sun! Now an hour before bed I get to drink a cup of Turmeric Green Tea. I’m definitely not as worried as I was about the ACV drink because it’s just a little bit of turmeric.

Anyway, thanks for reading my stupid little diet diary that’s all this really is. Hope yall have a good first day of May!



What A Hunk!!!!

Hello! This is for Kiku Uchiha. I don’t know if I want to do that whole forbidden love between a teacher and student with Kakashi but she’d be a few years older than Naruto and Sasuke but younger than Itachi. OR I can keep it with Neji or maybe Kiba… I don’t know. But this is the third day post, the phrase is “what a hunk”!

Kiku Uchiha

“What a hunk!!” my neck almost broke as I snapped my head towards one of the women beside me. She was looking down from the restaurant roof top patio we were having lunch on. I sat in front of Kurenai and Hinata as we were having lunch together.

“Who?” asked one of the woman’s friends.

“Kakashi Hakate of course.”

“I don’t know… he’s kind of a perv don’t you think?” the friend asked. I looked at Kurenai and then at the blushing Hinata, then began laughing.

“Do you think he’s a hunk?” Kurenai asked as she tried to stifle her laugh.

“I don’t know. I mean, I’ve worked with him since I was kid… could I really think of him that way?” I asked as I began to eat my hamburger. “Who do you thinks a hunk?” I asked Hinata with a loud laugh at the end.

“Yes, Hinata who do you think is a hunk?” Kurenai asked pushing the subject.

“Na…nar..naruto.” she blushed brightly and hid behind her hands.

“Knew it!” I laughed leaning back in my chair. “And Kurenai you like Asuma right?” I asked the woman blushed equally brightly.

“Its not nice to tease, you know Kiku.” Hinata grumbled as she ate her own hamburger.

“But its fun.” I smiled.

“Let me guess who you like… hmmmm Neji.” Kurenai said. I could the blush raising at my neck.

“I… I do… but he doesn’t even notice me so I’m over that… sort of.” I whispered blushing as I played with my French fries.

“Yes he does!” Hinata gasped across the table from me.

“How do you know? Have you asked him?” I asked her.

“Uhhh no… no but I’ve seen him watching you practice. Early in the morning from the roof of our compound.” I felt blush rise even more. I practiced in only my sports bra and high waisted pants.

“I’m almost naked when I practice then!” I grumbled crushing my French fry.

“What?!” Kurenai choked on her soda as I said this. “The pervert!” she half laughed and half scowled.

“Should I tell my father? Do you not want him… watching you?” Hinata asked.

“No… no… he’s… okay… he’s fine.” I whispered.

“She likes being watched.” Kurenai nudged Hinata’s side gently which made her begin to blush even redder if it was possible. “Pervert.” The older woman whispered in a joking voice.

“No! I… I uhhh just don’t want him to get in trouble.” I mumbled.

“Yeah. Yeah. So Neji’s the only one you like? What about Gaara? Hmmm? He’s Kazekage now, you know?” she asked me.

“Oh really?” I took a small bit from my burger. “I’ll bite. The guys I think are hunk are: Neji, Kiba, and Gaara… Oh and Kakashi-sensei.” I looked over to see my sensei fighting with Gai sensei. I was happy that Kurenai choose this restaurant it was right on the edge of the training fields and sitting on the roof top patio was giving up the perfect view.

Okay so I have an obsession for anime fanart and this one made me think of “what a hunk” lolz- Anyways thanks for reading!


The Ruler of the Onsen!!!

This is a fanfiction for Naruto. For another OC I have Kiku Uchiha. Her dad is the younger brother of Sasuke’s dad and her mother is the younger sister of Choji’s dad. So she has a little meat on her and has long red hair instead of Uchiha black hair with the black Uchiha eyes. She’s a medic nin who uses fire and poison jutsu but can also fight well in close combat because of her square bladed sword that is roughly 4 feet long plus the half foot for the hilt. She carries it on her back wrapped up so people don’t think about it and people never think she can hold such a large weapon much less fight with it. It was her dad’s, who Itachi killed. This takes place during the two and half years Naruto was training. Kiki went with him as a medic for him and Jiraiya.

 The phrase for today is “The Ruler of…” I think I’m going to do a play on Mulan with The Ruler of the Onsen. Hope ya like it.

Kiku Uchiha

“I am hurting everywhere, Jiraiya!” I grumbled as I rubbed my neck leaning against the tree as we watched Naruto practice his jutsu. The idiot Jiraiya had me practicing stupid ninjutsu and I was practically dying.

“Nice to know.” he slurred looking down from the branch above me.

“Hey! Perv!” I growled grabbing a rock and tossing it at him. It hit him in the face harshly and forced him to slump against the trunk. He was looking down my tight black tank top like a true pervert.

“You don’t have to be so mean!” he whined.

“Hit him harder next time Kiku.” Naruto grinned as he walked over stretching his left arm.

“I will.” I growled up at the man. He was groaning holding his nose.

“Pervy Sage will you ever learn?” Naruto grinned as he plopped down beside me.

“Nope!” he grinned down at us then jumped down.

“I can’t wait till we get home.” Naruto beamed at me.

“Same…” I grinned still massaging my muscles. Jiraiya was flouncing around looking for pretty girls to stare at while we took a break.

“Only a few more days then you’ll get to see your mom… and boyfriend.” Naruto grinned nudging me while wiggling his eye brow. I laughed loudly and elbowed him in the side.

“Neji doesn’t even know I exist.” I muttered as I got to my feet grabbing my sword that was standing a few feet from where we sat, the tip of its blade sat snug in the ground keeping it from falling over.

“I think everyone knows you exist after your fight with Shikamaru… You barely lost.” Naruto mumbled from behind me.

“No matter how, I lost.” I whispered pulling the sword from the ground and its wrapping from my hip pouch. I began to wrap it while Jiraiya giggled as he bounced towards us. “What now, Jaraiya?” I snarled getting ready for his pervert ways.

“Hey, do not act like you are innocent. I know you have all my issues of make-out tactics.” He grumbled.

“I actually have more than just yours. Yours are kind of subpar just so you know.” I informed him as I continued to wrap my sword.

“How Rude!” he cried out as I said this.

“She has books covering her walls at her house.” Naruto said coming over to us more.

“Well, I think we should rest our bones. There is an Onsen near and we can rest there. My treat.” Jiraiya said with a grin. I finished wrapping my sword slipped it on my back as I grabbed my out gear pushing them into place while Jiraiya continued to tell Naruto about this awesome Onsen and the food was great.

“Awesome!” Naruto shouted as we began on our trip to this Onsen. He was hyped for good food. I couldn’t lie, so was I.


“Excuse me, where is the woman’s entrance?” I asked the attendant as I held a towel to my chest and my favorite rosemary smelling soap.

“Oh, yes just over here.” She led me to a door and politely opened it for me.

“Oh thank you.”

“And the springs are through the next door.” She pointed to other door. I nodded my head. I loved a good shower before heading into the springs. I found the showering area was mostly empty. I shrugged my shoulder, the other women were probably out in the springs already. I scrubbed myself clean and pulled my hair up in a high bun after washing it. When I was done, I wrapped myself with my towel then cleaned up the area. I slid the door open and walked out to the onsen humming a song softly to myself when I finally opened my eyes, I gasped.

“Jiraiya!” I growled clutching my towel to my large breast as I saw the man was pouting but as soon as he heard my voice he grinned wildly at me just like the big pervert he was! This was a shared onsen and there were no other women here, just us three plus two men over off to the side.

“Sorry, Kiku, I didn’t know it was going to be shared.” Naruto grumbled looking away from me with a red face.

“Come on, Kiku! You’re already clean and ready! I promise not to…” he was already staring openly at my breast.

“Jiraiya! I’m sitting all the way over here! If you so much as move pass that rock, I will paralyze you.” I growled at him as I pointed at a rock resting a few feet from where I was getting in at. Even though I was super pissed off, the moment I sunk into the water I was happy and relaxed as my muscles heated in the water. We sat in silence for a few moments, I knew it was only a matter of time before Jiraiya tried to inch closer and closer. I fidgeted with my hair pins that were coated in a paralytic poison that I was happy to use on the man. I rested my head on my arms as I looked at the wood panel walls that surrounded the springs. I missed everyone at Konoha. My cousin Sasuke… my chest tightened at the memory of him being gone hit me.  I was the last Uchiha left in Konoha and people were waiting for me to go bad just like my cousins did. I get sneers the moments I walk pass, they don’t care I fought beside the team sent to bring Sasuke back, no I was the Uchiha who fights with a huge sword, is a medic nin and can produce poison jutsu just from reading about them in a book. Photographic memory. Poison and fire. Deadly combination, maybe that’s why Neji doesn’t talk to me. Maybe I’m dangerous in his mind as well. I sniffed softly at this thought.

“Kiku?” I jumped at the soft voice. “Are you alright?” Naruto asked me.

“Hmmm yeah.” I whispered wiping my eyes before the tears could be seen by him.

“No you’re not… Are you missing Sasuke?” he asked me.

“Among other things…” I whispered turned around to rest my back against the wall. Naruto was sitting a foot from me looking ahead of him.

“What things?” he asked.

“My dad, my clan, Itachi, the way things were before the Uchiha were labeled as evil rotten brats.” I grumbled looking over at Jiraiya who was pouting again.

“What do you mean?” Naruto asked confused.

“The people of Konoha sneer at me… they think I’ll turn bad like Sasuke and Itachi…” I paused remembering how Naruto himself was treated by the village. “You’d understand more than anyone… I’m sorry Naruto, I have no right…”

“No! No… no you do. You don’t deserve that. You helped fight Orochimaru, the Akatsuki and protect the village. You heal people and don’t ask for anything in return… they shouldn’t treat you that way…” he whispered angrily.

“No one should be treated that way.” I reached over to touch his bare shoulder.

“Hey! Hey! How come he gets to sit beside you! And you touched him!!” Jiraiya whined coming closer.

“Because Naruto not a total pervert like you.” I grumbled at him. “ROCK.” I growled pointing at the rock I had previously made the line between him and I.

“Who made you ruler of the Onsen?” the old man from the other side of the onsen asked.

“In my day, little girls listened to their masters…” Jiraiya blanched at the other man’s voice. The two got up and started stalking towards us.

“Well, we’re not in the stone age anymore, you Neanderthals. Now stay over there before something bad happens to you.” I growled reaching up to my hair. The men continued on their path towards me. Jiraiya was going to stop them as the leered at me. No matter what a pervert he was, he’d never let someone actually hurt me. He was a good man overall. I waved him off as the men passed him. I pulled my hair pins out of their places and pointed them at the men. “Last warning, go back to where you were or I will hurt you.” I growled.

“Ohhh I’m so scared of a little gir…” the man couldn’t finish his sentence as they got closer and I flicked the pin at the man hitting him in the shoulder blade. The poison was fast acting, the moment it made contact with the man’s blood, he was paralyzed. His buddy gasped and began to freak out as the man slumped face first into the water.

“What the heck! I’m gonna…”

“You were harassing a girl…” Naruto growled cracking his knuckles.

“Why don’t you take your buddy out of here and we wont mention this to the proper authorities.” Jiraiya asked with a tilt of his head.

“Fine! Fine!” the man said grabbing his buddy from under the arms and dragged him out of the springs.

“So you’re the ruler of the Onsen, huh kid?” Jiraiya joked as we all slumped back into the water to continue resting. It would be nice to be home soon, I wont have to really worry about any pervs other than Jiraiya and Kakashi-sensei. But they’re okay.

Thanks for reading!


April Writing Challenge-

Okay, again I’m going to try this stupid thing. I keep wanting to actually finish a whole one but yeah, I get so distracted and am kind of forgetful so let see how this turns out, huh?

At this moment, I am trying to get not one, not two, but three research papers done all over 8 pages long plus a creative short story I have to finish up for my creative writing class. I have literally only a little bit of inspiration so hopefully this will help me work on that little problem.

Also in July, I’m going to England for a study abroad. I’m going to be writing my diary up here daily so I can keep everyone up to date about what I’m doing over there. I’m pretty excited because its going to be my first time out of country plus the first time I’m away from my family for a pretty long time.

I know this is short but I just wanted to post it up here on what I’m doing.

Thanks for reading,


April Day 1-Calendar

This is a little short story for my Naruto OC; Mari Hyuuga, the daughter of a Hyuuga and a Uchiha. If anyone watches or reads Naruto this is a small little glimpse at what I’ve been working on my computer. Also just so you know, she has both Kekkei Genkai. The word prompt today is Calendar.

Mari Hyuuga

I smiled as I walked down the streets of Suna. Being stationed here wasn’t as half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I locked my arms behind my head as I walked through the main market. It was filled with people buying their goods and continuing on their day. It was nice, they were happy and that made the day seem brighter if possible. Doubt it with all this sun.

“Mari! Wait up!” I turned at the loud voice. I grinned as I saw Shikamaru rushing over at his side was his small son Shikadai.

“Hey, Shikamaru, Shikadai! I didn’t know you guys were in town.” I greeted the two bending down to pat the mini clone on top of his head. “How you guys doing?” I asked grinning as the little boy crossed his arms over his chest. He hated being patted on the head. Just like Shikamaru did when we were younger.

“Temari wanted to visit so we asked for some leave time. Naruto only allowed it if we brought you a few things.” I shook my head as the tall man handed me a small bow that I just noticed was under his arm.

“Oh yeah? What did my cousin-in-law send?” I asked taking it.

“We don’t know. Troublesome woman.” Shikadai grumbled his lower lip jutting out. I barked a laugh as the kid sounded just like his father.

“Hey! Be respectful.” Shikamaru grumbled messing up his kid’s head with a hard hand. “That’s your future aunt.”

“She’s basically already my aunt.” The kid grumbled.

“He’s right. Are you heading to the Kazekage’s office?” I asked.

“Yeah, Temari left early in the morning to have breakfast with her brothers we’re meeting up for lunch now.” Shikamaru told me as we all turned towards the tall building.

“I’m heading there myself. Gaara-sama said he has some news over my transfer.” I smiled hugging the box to my stomach.

“Well, lets go.” Shikadai grumbled starting off ahead of us.

“How’s everyone in Konoha?” I asked as we walked on.

“Good. Good. Himawari misses you a lot. She hugs her teddy bear all the time. Bolt doesn’t admit it but he misses you too. Sarada has to be the one who misses you the most. Sakura was telling me that she’s always writing you.” I grinned at the man’s words. I loved my nephew and nieces, but I had to be truthful. Sarada is my favorite, she wrote me every week and sometimes they come in large bundles of letters. She’s always asking me for advice about everything under the sun. Especially about her father who was a straight-faced asshole some times.

“I miss them too.” Man, my good mood was killed at the memories of cute little niece Himawari hugging the bear I gave her before I left. She was crying so loudly but when we left my apartment she quieted like a little perfect poised princess.

“When’s the wedding?” He asked as we began walking up the steps to the main office.

“A few more months. I have to find a wedding dress or have one made. Man, I never thought I would have to have a traditional wedding. You know the elders are inviting everyone from the five nations like its some huge alliance binding marriage.”

“Isn’t it?” he asked me.

“I mean, technically it is. But come on like Gaara-sama would let some thing come between his friendship with Naruto. This is like a back up measure though. Not that I mind.” I said as I knocked gently on my fiancée’s door.

“Come in.” his gruff voice brought a smile to my face. We couldn’t live in the same place until the wedding even though we’ve had sex on multiple occasions. Stupid elders. I walked into see my fiancée sitting behind his desk while his sister sat on a couch and Kankuro on a chair in front of the desk. I walked over to Gaara and kissed his cheek gently.

“Good afternoon.” I whispered to him.

“Mom, dad and Mari were talking about wedding stuff. It was so boring.” Shikadai complained leaning on to his mother’s side.

“Have you figured out what you will wear, darling?” Gaara asked softly.

“No…she was complaining about it being a traditional wedding. Women always complain.” The little idiot grumbled rolling on to his side facing the back of the couch instead of everyone else.

“Shikadai!”- “You little…” Temari growled as I took a threatening step towards the little butthole. I was stopped when a hand grabbed my wrist.

“Leave him, Mari.” Gaara stated. “What do you have there?” he asked motioning to my box.

“Oh stuff from Naruto. Did the elders invite my mom to the wedding?” I asked absent mindedly as I settle on the edge of his desk as I usually did when we were in the company of his family or alone.

“Have you two even set a date on the calendar?” Kankuro asked with a flip of his hand.

“Uhhh we haven’t really had time to sit down and looked at our calendars together. I’ve been on multiple missions while Gaara has been in meetings left and right plus his fan club has been stuck on me like leeches.”

“They are not that bad.” Gaara stated.

“Yes they are.” Not only did I say that but also everyone else in the room even Shikadai.

“They are horrible.” The little runt stated.

“See even the mini-clone knows what I mean. Gaara, I hate your fan club…” I grumbled crossing my arms over my chest.

“Stop pouting, it is unbefitting.” I smiled as the man patted my thigh gently. “She’s right, we have to get our calendars aligned. Soon.” He grumbled looking at his family.

“Or the elders are going to kill us.” I uncrossed my arms and leaning back to brace my hands on the desk top.

“Well, you two need to do that.” Temari stated standing up to walk into the middle. “I don’t see why you two haven’t tied the knot yet anyways! You two have been together since the fourth war…” she paced in the middle of the room. “You’ve already had a…” she motioned a baby bump on her own stomach. “Scare already…” I flushed, she was right. She was the first person I went to when I thought it happened. We had just gotten back from a joint mission in Suna, I was teamed up with Lee and Temari with Kankuro and another Suna shinobi.

“We know.” Both Gaara and I said at the same time.

“So why haven’t you two chosen a date yet?” she asked annoyed.


“If you two say calendars, I’m going to scream.” She growled just as the two of us were about to say it. I looked over at my fiancée while he looked up at me. “Choose a freaking date.” She stated.

“Well… now that you mentioned.” I moved my hands out like a baby bump on me.

“Huh?” Kankuro rubbed the back of his head and groaned.

“Really?!” Temari gasped. I looked over at Gaara who leaned back in his chair with a smile on his face. I just nodded my head with a small smile.

“What?!” Shikadai jumped up on his feet.

“What are you two talking about?” Kankuro asked with an annoyed look on his face.

“They’re pregnant.” Shikamaru told him.

“Whoa! I’m gonna be an uncle!” He jumped to his feet.

“You’re already an uncle.” I stated monotone voice with a roll of my eyes.

“Oh yeah.” He grinned at his little nephew who was staring at the idiot.

“Thanks, Uncle Kankuro.” Shikadai grumbled then looked over at me. “Congratulations.” He stated looking at me and Gaara.

“Thanks, Shikadai.” Gaara said with a smile.

“So why not do the wedding soon?” Temari asked.

“We just want to confirm it…”

“So… uhhh calendar?” Temari asked.

“We want it soon but we still have nothing planned so we have to have it far enough away that I can figure out what we need and soon enough that I’m not showing.” I said.

“Sooooo soon?” Shikamaru asked.

“Definitely soon.”

Thanks for reading as usual!



My First Novel~

Hello! Trying to get back in the swing of posting.

Anyways, I’m seriously working on my first novel. I have the first chapter done and I’m working on the next one. It is sort of a new adult take on modern day mythical creatures and how they fit into our modern days. Its going to center around a woman who moves to a new town for personal reason and ends up in a mythical market place where she learns who she really is. Or what she really is. Its going to have not only pompous elves but an overprotective Berserker and a slightly self-conscious Phoenix. Oh and a giant Japanese spider.

I don’t have a name for it yet but it will come around sooner or later. I was wondering what you guys think of just that tidbit. Should I give out more? I’m sort of crazy and think that people might steal my idea but its actually a really personal story that means a whole lot to me.

Anyway thanks for reading as usual!


Book Memory

Hello, sorry I haven’t posted in forever. I actually started classes again and also started something new called a Bullet Journal. Which I am in love with! I’m already a full month in to using it and I like it! But anyway back to what I came here to discuss. A book memory. What I mean by this is that the memory you get when rereading a certain book. Well I just got one the other day.

I love rereading my books, hell that’s why I have so many (over 2,000). Well I was reading this book for a little bit and finally got a part I remembers. It was where the main woman goes to have dinner with her verbally abusive father and too-good mother, who were now divorced from each other and have significant others. When I read the first couple lines of the chapter I got hit with a very sad memory. My mother in hospital and me sleeping on the hospital room couch. I was so upset, I had to sit down on the ground for a moment. I could not believe it hit me so hard. It was almost two years ago now.

The full memory was me laying on the couch with an animate angry face on as I discussed how pissed I would be if I was the main woman with my mother. My mother had been admitted to the hospital for a blood clot in her leg where she had knee surgery. I was faking so hard at being so upset about my book just so I didn’t break down crying at the thought that my mother literally could have died just days after Thanksgiving.

Just typing this, my heart is clenching and just feeling like shit because a year after that my maternal grandmother died. I can only think of how lucky I was not to lose my own mother even though my heart shattered at loosing the woman who had a huge part in making me who I am. She supported my writing, always saying I would be a great author. Too bad she’s not gonna be able to see me finish my first novel.

Anyway, sorry for such a sad piece. I just needed to get it out.

Thanks for reading,


Day 20-All Wrapped Up

Day 20- All wrapped up

“Merry Christmas.” I smiled up at my older cousin. He leaned down to press a kiss to my forehead. He sat down beside me in front of the fire.

“Merry Christmas Harry.” I leaned into the taller boy. “The Weasley stayed this year.” I reminded my older cousin.

“Yay.” He stated sarcastically.

“I thought I was the sarcastic one.” He laughed at my comment.

“So what did you get me?” Harry asked as he turned to the large Christmas tree sitting in the middle of the commons.

“Oh well… you know a little of this… a lot of that.” I laughed as he made a scared face. “I hope you like it.” I grabbed the present off the ground and handed it over to my best friend.

“Ohhhhh.” He made a voice at how pretty it was wrapped. It was red and gold with a beautifully red bow.

“Its all wrapped up, muggle style.” I laughed as he made an even bigger eyed shocked face.

“Nice. Now this is yours.” He handed a small long box to me. It was wrapped in bright pink wrapping. “Wizard style.” He laughed as I checked out the wrapping.

“Open on three?” I asked him. He nodded his head.

“1.” He started.

“2.” I added.

“3.” He finished as we both began to unwrap our presents. I gasped at the gold bracelet that sat in the box with a small gold Bowtruckle charm on it.

“Oh Harry!” I gasped at the beautiful present. I felt horrible, his present wasn’t anywhere as extravagant. “Its beautiful.”

“Jojo!” he grinned up at me. He pulled out a small little crocheted house elf doll I made for him. “I love it!” he laughed hugging me to him.

“I’m sorry its not as beautiful as this.” I showed the bracelet to him.

“Its great, Jojo.”

“Why’d you buy this, Harry?” I asked him.

“You’ve done so much for me, Jojo. You’ve been by my side forever. I just wanted to give you something between the two of us. To thank you.”

“Its so much though, Harry.”

“Mum and Da left me a lot.” He smiled at me.

“Well, thank you! I love it a lot!”

“What do you love? Me???” George stated as he walked down stairs with Fred and Ron behind him.

“Yes!” I laughed leaning over the pillows as they all settled around us. It was going to be a great Christmas day.