DMoM-Day Three

Diet Month of May

Day Three

Okay I’m writing this between the two papers I have to write. One for Indigenous American course and one for Southeast Asian. I told yall about my book I was reading and thankfully I’m done with that one. I’m almost done with my Indigenous American paper. So, I’m pretty much over the moon. All I have after it, is an in-class exam for my indigenous American class tomorrow so YAY!

Day Three Meal Plan

B4B: Lemon Water ACV Drink

B: 2 hardboiled eggs & half orange

L: Smoothie Sub

D: Taco Salad

BB: Cinnamon Tea


I was thinking that my detox drinks weren’t working… well, boy was I wrong. I am detoxing like a mother… But I definitely think the lemon water ACV is better than the tea. Both taste like hell though. I think the lemon water is way spicier than that stupid ginger tea, which I regret whole heartedly as well. But the cayenne this morning hit me so hard in the back of my throat I wanted to scream.


I ate breakfast behind the kitchen counter so I could watch stupid NCIS as I ate. I love watching reruns on USA, seriously the best. Except for some of the episodes with director Jenny. I dislike those seasons quite a bit. I was trying to decide if I wanted to watch Attack on Titan, which I love. But I’m scared of finishing it before the second season is done so I can’t binge watch that then I’d have to wait like another year until the next season is up. I made the mistake of finished Yona of the Dawn in like two days and I am fighting to keep my credit card in my wallet so I don’t go buying the whole manga series. I’m basically on the same deal with Attack on Titan.


              My mom basically dragged me out of the house before I got my written exam for my Indigenous Americans course. Where, you may ask? The casino!!!! Woot! Woot! I didn’t really win anything at all but its fun just to be in a huge building where its socially okay to play games all day. I mean its better than being judged because I sit behind my desk top playing World of Warcraft until two in the morning. So, I got to play until I was dying of hunger and came home to have a delicious smoothie. Again, I put a sample protein powder in it. This time I threw it out before I could write down the name and I’m not a big fan of trash digging. It was actually pretty good. It had a banana, berries, almond milk and honey. The new usual. I think I can get used to the thickness.


              Though if I think about it, the greasy hamburger meat isn’t as healthy as maybe chicken or something but its easy to make. So I had a nice size salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and the meat. It was pretty delicious. I kind of felt like I hadn’t eaten in freaking ever. So I have no clue if the other protein powder was more filling or what.


              Due to the laziness that consumes me and sleepiness I’m suffocated by… I am not having that tea tonight. I will try the tea tomorrow… maybe. I don’t know. it depends on how much “detoxing” I’ve gone through.




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