DMoM-Day 2

Diet Month Of May

Day Two

Okay so day two started off with me wanting to punch every baker on facebook in the face. Why? Well I feel like everything that I love from Japanese Ramen to baklava was put on my feed just to torture me. I knew waking up today was going to SUCK. I’m like that person who diets for like an hour than turns around and has a hamburger stacked with onion rings and mushrooms. Fudge! So far, I haven’t devoured anything I’m not supposed to eat… yet anyways.

So last night, I posted before I actually drank my before bed tea and well, let me tell you something I will be trying a different way to create that drink. Why? Well I boiled the water and poured it over a green tea bag then added the honey and turmeric. I got stuck with a stupid chunk of turmeric at the bottom. I didn’t catch it until I was already chocking on the stupid thing and almost dying right there. It was straight disgusting. I’m gonna punch whoever made up these drinks in the face multiple times because of it.

Day Two Meal Plan:

B4B: Green Tea ACV Drink

B: 2 hardboiled eggs & ½ grapefruit

L: Chicken Salad Protein Smoothie

D: Salad/Veggie & Meat

BB: Ginger Detox Tea


              So, this morning’s drink was still disgusting but just not as disgusting as yesterdays. I may change all my morning drinks into to the Green Tea ACV Drink instead of the Lemon Water ACV Drink. It was water (1c), Green tea bag, ACV (1T) and honey (1t). It was still hard to keep down because after the first sip, a minute later I burped up the ACV. It was straight disgusting. I’m gonna just roll over and die right now… seriously.


              So there is not much to report about breakfast. It was the same as yesterday nothing different, nothing fun. I washed my grapefruit longer and harder than yesterday but it still tasted like chemicals. Is this a normal thing? Seriously, I would like to know. I had boiled eggs last night for my salad so I didn’t have to boil them this morning. I haven’t really decided if I like hot hardboiled eggs better than cold. If I had a gun to my head right now and I had to choose, I guess it would be hot because then the yolk is all freshly yellow and grey on the sides… plus who likes cold food? Weirdos…

Day two on not only the diet but the work out challenge is also going to kill me. I interrupt the ten lunges as ten on each side, so I’ve done that. My thighs slightly hurt and remind me to take it slow with the leg workouts because of my compression syndrome and fibromyalgia. Gotta take everything slow because I rather not have fibro flare up and end up rolled in a ball crying. (Happens more than you think.) That’s why I usually swim because its low impact on my body. Even though last night I passed out the minute my head hit the pillow. I was exhausted… It was a good exhausted though, if you know what I mean? Anyways back to the challenge, the hardest thing for me was the 30 second plank. I can’t really do the knee plank because the carpet on my knees actually hurts a lot more and since my last leg surgery I can’t really feel my feet, I rather do a full plank.

Going through today as a diary part, I checked my emails from last night and noticed my email to my prof didn’t get sent until 6:43pm. All day I’ve been freaking out! Why? Well, I could have sworn I sent the email at 6pm because I was about to sit down and eat dinner which usually takes forever so I didn’t want to miss the 6:40pm deadline. Thank everything under the sun! She emailed me about 11am today and said she got it… I am super relieved. That’s two classes down, two more to go.

So I’m currently still reading Burmese Lessons and decided I need to write my paper even though I’m only half way through the book. Well good thing I started. The descriptive paragraph is literally a whole page of single spaced Times New Roman 12 Font. I’m like over the moon. The paper all together has to be 5 to 7 pages of double spaced paper with a description of the book, why we read it, what was interesting about it and how it relates back to the class. I am in love with Connelly’s writing and adventure, I just want to drop everything here in AZ and go out and explore southeast Asia. I want the ability to travel like she does and confidence she has to jump into a culture where she doesn’t speak any of the language but falls into the culture like a drop of water into a lake. She may be a different skin color but she is so welcoming and warm that she inspires me to continue my studies as an Asian History Major. Which I’ve been rethinking hard. This book really has opened not just my eyes but my heart again to why I choose this major in the first place.


              So instead of the salad, I got super lazy and decided to do another smoothie substitute. I didn’t want to put the stupid salad together to I made a berries and banana smoothie with a protein powder sample I got called PlantFusion it’s a complete plant protein which has no dairy, soy and that its vegan and gluten free. I used almond milk again as the base. It… is slightly weird tasting. I may have to add more than a cup of berries next time and more almond milk. It is supposed to be 10 to 15oz  of liquid to one sample packet of the protein powder but I only did like 8oz which I didn’t notice until I was finished cleaning the blender. On the back it says, “Naturally-crafted gourmet flavors that make you look forward to the next shake.” I have no clue if I’d say that for sure. I’m a little hesitant to jump out of my seat and scream to the skies that, “Yes I’d like to have another shake!”


              Dinner was actually pretty good. I’m a carnivore to the max, so this whole stupid diet is killing me with no meat in the morning and sometimes during lunch. It was a round steak and broccoli. It was delicious. Love the meat!

I’m also happy to report I wasn’t hungry until only a few moments before dinner that’s pretty great! Especially because I went swimming for an hour before dinner.


Okay so this tea is really spicy. Is it the ginger? I think so. Uggg well anyways. The spice is kicking the s*** out of my throat. Ehhhhh!!!! Anyways, I think today has been a successful diet day. Thank everything under the sun.




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