What A Hunk!!!!

Hello! This is for Kiku Uchiha. I don’t know if I want to do that whole forbidden love between a teacher and student with Kakashi but she’d be a few years older than Naruto and Sasuke but younger than Itachi. OR I can keep it with Neji or maybe Kiba… I don’t know. But this is the third day post, the phrase is “what a hunk”!

Kiku Uchiha

“What a hunk!!” my neck almost broke as I snapped my head towards one of the women beside me. She was looking down from the restaurant roof top patio we were having lunch on. I sat in front of Kurenai and Hinata as we were having lunch together.

“Who?” asked one of the woman’s friends.

“Kakashi Hakate of course.”

“I don’t know… he’s kind of a perv don’t you think?” the friend asked. I looked at Kurenai and then at the blushing Hinata, then began laughing.

“Do you think he’s a hunk?” Kurenai asked as she tried to stifle her laugh.

“I don’t know. I mean, I’ve worked with him since I was kid… could I really think of him that way?” I asked as I began to eat my hamburger. “Who do you thinks a hunk?” I asked Hinata with a loud laugh at the end.

“Yes, Hinata who do you think is a hunk?” Kurenai asked pushing the subject.

“Na…nar..naruto.” she blushed brightly and hid behind her hands.

“Knew it!” I laughed leaning back in my chair. “And Kurenai you like Asuma right?” I asked the woman blushed equally brightly.

“Its not nice to tease, you know Kiku.” Hinata grumbled as she ate her own hamburger.

“But its fun.” I smiled.

“Let me guess who you like… hmmmm Neji.” Kurenai said. I could the blush raising at my neck.

“I… I do… but he doesn’t even notice me so I’m over that… sort of.” I whispered blushing as I played with my French fries.

“Yes he does!” Hinata gasped across the table from me.

“How do you know? Have you asked him?” I asked her.

“Uhhh no… no but I’ve seen him watching you practice. Early in the morning from the roof of our compound.” I felt blush rise even more. I practiced in only my sports bra and high waisted pants.

“I’m almost naked when I practice then!” I grumbled crushing my French fry.

“What?!” Kurenai choked on her soda as I said this. “The pervert!” she half laughed and half scowled.

“Should I tell my father? Do you not want him… watching you?” Hinata asked.

“No… no… he’s… okay… he’s fine.” I whispered.

“She likes being watched.” Kurenai nudged Hinata’s side gently which made her begin to blush even redder if it was possible. “Pervert.” The older woman whispered in a joking voice.

“No! I… I uhhh just don’t want him to get in trouble.” I mumbled.

“Yeah. Yeah. So Neji’s the only one you like? What about Gaara? Hmmm? He’s Kazekage now, you know?” she asked me.

“Oh really?” I took a small bit from my burger. “I’ll bite. The guys I think are hunk are: Neji, Kiba, and Gaara… Oh and Kakashi-sensei.” I looked over to see my sensei fighting with Gai sensei. I was happy that Kurenai choose this restaurant it was right on the edge of the training fields and sitting on the roof top patio was giving up the perfect view.

Okay so I have an obsession for anime fanart and this one made me think of “what a hunk” lolz- Anyways thanks for reading!



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