The Ruler of the Onsen!!!

This is a fanfiction for Naruto. For another OC I have Kiku Uchiha. Her dad is the younger brother of Sasuke’s dad and her mother is the younger sister of Choji’s dad. So she has a little meat on her and has long red hair instead of Uchiha black hair with the black Uchiha eyes. She’s a medic nin who uses fire and poison jutsu but can also fight well in close combat because of her square bladed sword that is roughly 4 feet long plus the half foot for the hilt. She carries it on her back wrapped up so people don’t think about it and people never think she can hold such a large weapon much less fight with it. It was her dad’s, who Itachi killed. This takes place during the two and half years Naruto was training. Kiki went with him as a medic for him and Jiraiya.

 The phrase for today is “The Ruler of…” I think I’m going to do a play on Mulan with The Ruler of the Onsen. Hope ya like it.

Kiku Uchiha

“I am hurting everywhere, Jiraiya!” I grumbled as I rubbed my neck leaning against the tree as we watched Naruto practice his jutsu. The idiot Jiraiya had me practicing stupid ninjutsu and I was practically dying.

“Nice to know.” he slurred looking down from the branch above me.

“Hey! Perv!” I growled grabbing a rock and tossing it at him. It hit him in the face harshly and forced him to slump against the trunk. He was looking down my tight black tank top like a true pervert.

“You don’t have to be so mean!” he whined.

“Hit him harder next time Kiku.” Naruto grinned as he walked over stretching his left arm.

“I will.” I growled up at the man. He was groaning holding his nose.

“Pervy Sage will you ever learn?” Naruto grinned as he plopped down beside me.

“Nope!” he grinned down at us then jumped down.

“I can’t wait till we get home.” Naruto beamed at me.

“Same…” I grinned still massaging my muscles. Jiraiya was flouncing around looking for pretty girls to stare at while we took a break.

“Only a few more days then you’ll get to see your mom… and boyfriend.” Naruto grinned nudging me while wiggling his eye brow. I laughed loudly and elbowed him in the side.

“Neji doesn’t even know I exist.” I muttered as I got to my feet grabbing my sword that was standing a few feet from where we sat, the tip of its blade sat snug in the ground keeping it from falling over.

“I think everyone knows you exist after your fight with Shikamaru… You barely lost.” Naruto mumbled from behind me.

“No matter how, I lost.” I whispered pulling the sword from the ground and its wrapping from my hip pouch. I began to wrap it while Jiraiya giggled as he bounced towards us. “What now, Jaraiya?” I snarled getting ready for his pervert ways.

“Hey, do not act like you are innocent. I know you have all my issues of make-out tactics.” He grumbled.

“I actually have more than just yours. Yours are kind of subpar just so you know.” I informed him as I continued to wrap my sword.

“How Rude!” he cried out as I said this.

“She has books covering her walls at her house.” Naruto said coming over to us more.

“Well, I think we should rest our bones. There is an Onsen near and we can rest there. My treat.” Jiraiya said with a grin. I finished wrapping my sword slipped it on my back as I grabbed my out gear pushing them into place while Jiraiya continued to tell Naruto about this awesome Onsen and the food was great.

“Awesome!” Naruto shouted as we began on our trip to this Onsen. He was hyped for good food. I couldn’t lie, so was I.


“Excuse me, where is the woman’s entrance?” I asked the attendant as I held a towel to my chest and my favorite rosemary smelling soap.

“Oh, yes just over here.” She led me to a door and politely opened it for me.

“Oh thank you.”

“And the springs are through the next door.” She pointed to other door. I nodded my head. I loved a good shower before heading into the springs. I found the showering area was mostly empty. I shrugged my shoulder, the other women were probably out in the springs already. I scrubbed myself clean and pulled my hair up in a high bun after washing it. When I was done, I wrapped myself with my towel then cleaned up the area. I slid the door open and walked out to the onsen humming a song softly to myself when I finally opened my eyes, I gasped.

“Jiraiya!” I growled clutching my towel to my large breast as I saw the man was pouting but as soon as he heard my voice he grinned wildly at me just like the big pervert he was! This was a shared onsen and there were no other women here, just us three plus two men over off to the side.

“Sorry, Kiku, I didn’t know it was going to be shared.” Naruto grumbled looking away from me with a red face.

“Come on, Kiku! You’re already clean and ready! I promise not to…” he was already staring openly at my breast.

“Jiraiya! I’m sitting all the way over here! If you so much as move pass that rock, I will paralyze you.” I growled at him as I pointed at a rock resting a few feet from where I was getting in at. Even though I was super pissed off, the moment I sunk into the water I was happy and relaxed as my muscles heated in the water. We sat in silence for a few moments, I knew it was only a matter of time before Jiraiya tried to inch closer and closer. I fidgeted with my hair pins that were coated in a paralytic poison that I was happy to use on the man. I rested my head on my arms as I looked at the wood panel walls that surrounded the springs. I missed everyone at Konoha. My cousin Sasuke… my chest tightened at the memory of him being gone hit me.  I was the last Uchiha left in Konoha and people were waiting for me to go bad just like my cousins did. I get sneers the moments I walk pass, they don’t care I fought beside the team sent to bring Sasuke back, no I was the Uchiha who fights with a huge sword, is a medic nin and can produce poison jutsu just from reading about them in a book. Photographic memory. Poison and fire. Deadly combination, maybe that’s why Neji doesn’t talk to me. Maybe I’m dangerous in his mind as well. I sniffed softly at this thought.

“Kiku?” I jumped at the soft voice. “Are you alright?” Naruto asked me.

“Hmmm yeah.” I whispered wiping my eyes before the tears could be seen by him.

“No you’re not… Are you missing Sasuke?” he asked me.

“Among other things…” I whispered turned around to rest my back against the wall. Naruto was sitting a foot from me looking ahead of him.

“What things?” he asked.

“My dad, my clan, Itachi, the way things were before the Uchiha were labeled as evil rotten brats.” I grumbled looking over at Jiraiya who was pouting again.

“What do you mean?” Naruto asked confused.

“The people of Konoha sneer at me… they think I’ll turn bad like Sasuke and Itachi…” I paused remembering how Naruto himself was treated by the village. “You’d understand more than anyone… I’m sorry Naruto, I have no right…”

“No! No… no you do. You don’t deserve that. You helped fight Orochimaru, the Akatsuki and protect the village. You heal people and don’t ask for anything in return… they shouldn’t treat you that way…” he whispered angrily.

“No one should be treated that way.” I reached over to touch his bare shoulder.

“Hey! Hey! How come he gets to sit beside you! And you touched him!!” Jiraiya whined coming closer.

“Because Naruto not a total pervert like you.” I grumbled at him. “ROCK.” I growled pointing at the rock I had previously made the line between him and I.

“Who made you ruler of the Onsen?” the old man from the other side of the onsen asked.

“In my day, little girls listened to their masters…” Jiraiya blanched at the other man’s voice. The two got up and started stalking towards us.

“Well, we’re not in the stone age anymore, you Neanderthals. Now stay over there before something bad happens to you.” I growled reaching up to my hair. The men continued on their path towards me. Jiraiya was going to stop them as the leered at me. No matter what a pervert he was, he’d never let someone actually hurt me. He was a good man overall. I waved him off as the men passed him. I pulled my hair pins out of their places and pointed them at the men. “Last warning, go back to where you were or I will hurt you.” I growled.

“Ohhh I’m so scared of a little gir…” the man couldn’t finish his sentence as they got closer and I flicked the pin at the man hitting him in the shoulder blade. The poison was fast acting, the moment it made contact with the man’s blood, he was paralyzed. His buddy gasped and began to freak out as the man slumped face first into the water.

“What the heck! I’m gonna…”

“You were harassing a girl…” Naruto growled cracking his knuckles.

“Why don’t you take your buddy out of here and we wont mention this to the proper authorities.” Jiraiya asked with a tilt of his head.

“Fine! Fine!” the man said grabbing his buddy from under the arms and dragged him out of the springs.

“So you’re the ruler of the Onsen, huh kid?” Jiraiya joked as we all slumped back into the water to continue resting. It would be nice to be home soon, I wont have to really worry about any pervs other than Jiraiya and Kakashi-sensei. But they’re okay.

Thanks for reading!



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