April Day 1-Calendar

This is a little short story for my Naruto OC; Mari Hyuuga, the daughter of a Hyuuga and a Uchiha. If anyone watches or reads Naruto this is a small little glimpse at what I’ve been working on my computer. Also just so you know, she has both Kekkei Genkai. The word prompt today is Calendar.

Mari Hyuuga

I smiled as I walked down the streets of Suna. Being stationed here wasn’t as half as bad as I thought it was going to be. I locked my arms behind my head as I walked through the main market. It was filled with people buying their goods and continuing on their day. It was nice, they were happy and that made the day seem brighter if possible. Doubt it with all this sun.

“Mari! Wait up!” I turned at the loud voice. I grinned as I saw Shikamaru rushing over at his side was his small son Shikadai.

“Hey, Shikamaru, Shikadai! I didn’t know you guys were in town.” I greeted the two bending down to pat the mini clone on top of his head. “How you guys doing?” I asked grinning as the little boy crossed his arms over his chest. He hated being patted on the head. Just like Shikamaru did when we were younger.

“Temari wanted to visit so we asked for some leave time. Naruto only allowed it if we brought you a few things.” I shook my head as the tall man handed me a small bow that I just noticed was under his arm.

“Oh yeah? What did my cousin-in-law send?” I asked taking it.

“We don’t know. Troublesome woman.” Shikadai grumbled his lower lip jutting out. I barked a laugh as the kid sounded just like his father.

“Hey! Be respectful.” Shikamaru grumbled messing up his kid’s head with a hard hand. “That’s your future aunt.”

“She’s basically already my aunt.” The kid grumbled.

“He’s right. Are you heading to the Kazekage’s office?” I asked.

“Yeah, Temari left early in the morning to have breakfast with her brothers we’re meeting up for lunch now.” Shikamaru told me as we all turned towards the tall building.

“I’m heading there myself. Gaara-sama said he has some news over my transfer.” I smiled hugging the box to my stomach.

“Well, lets go.” Shikadai grumbled starting off ahead of us.

“How’s everyone in Konoha?” I asked as we walked on.

“Good. Good. Himawari misses you a lot. She hugs her teddy bear all the time. Bolt doesn’t admit it but he misses you too. Sarada has to be the one who misses you the most. Sakura was telling me that she’s always writing you.” I grinned at the man’s words. I loved my nephew and nieces, but I had to be truthful. Sarada is my favorite, she wrote me every week and sometimes they come in large bundles of letters. She’s always asking me for advice about everything under the sun. Especially about her father who was a straight-faced asshole some times.

“I miss them too.” Man, my good mood was killed at the memories of cute little niece Himawari hugging the bear I gave her before I left. She was crying so loudly but when we left my apartment she quieted like a little perfect poised princess.

“When’s the wedding?” He asked as we began walking up the steps to the main office.

“A few more months. I have to find a wedding dress or have one made. Man, I never thought I would have to have a traditional wedding. You know the elders are inviting everyone from the five nations like its some huge alliance binding marriage.”

“Isn’t it?” he asked me.

“I mean, technically it is. But come on like Gaara-sama would let some thing come between his friendship with Naruto. This is like a back up measure though. Not that I mind.” I said as I knocked gently on my fiancée’s door.

“Come in.” his gruff voice brought a smile to my face. We couldn’t live in the same place until the wedding even though we’ve had sex on multiple occasions. Stupid elders. I walked into see my fiancée sitting behind his desk while his sister sat on a couch and Kankuro on a chair in front of the desk. I walked over to Gaara and kissed his cheek gently.

“Good afternoon.” I whispered to him.

“Mom, dad and Mari were talking about wedding stuff. It was so boring.” Shikadai complained leaning on to his mother’s side.

“Have you figured out what you will wear, darling?” Gaara asked softly.

“No…she was complaining about it being a traditional wedding. Women always complain.” The little idiot grumbled rolling on to his side facing the back of the couch instead of everyone else.

“Shikadai!”- “You little…” Temari growled as I took a threatening step towards the little butthole. I was stopped when a hand grabbed my wrist.

“Leave him, Mari.” Gaara stated. “What do you have there?” he asked motioning to my box.

“Oh stuff from Naruto. Did the elders invite my mom to the wedding?” I asked absent mindedly as I settle on the edge of his desk as I usually did when we were in the company of his family or alone.

“Have you two even set a date on the calendar?” Kankuro asked with a flip of his hand.

“Uhhh we haven’t really had time to sit down and looked at our calendars together. I’ve been on multiple missions while Gaara has been in meetings left and right plus his fan club has been stuck on me like leeches.”

“They are not that bad.” Gaara stated.

“Yes they are.” Not only did I say that but also everyone else in the room even Shikadai.

“They are horrible.” The little runt stated.

“See even the mini-clone knows what I mean. Gaara, I hate your fan club…” I grumbled crossing my arms over my chest.

“Stop pouting, it is unbefitting.” I smiled as the man patted my thigh gently. “She’s right, we have to get our calendars aligned. Soon.” He grumbled looking at his family.

“Or the elders are going to kill us.” I uncrossed my arms and leaning back to brace my hands on the desk top.

“Well, you two need to do that.” Temari stated standing up to walk into the middle. “I don’t see why you two haven’t tied the knot yet anyways! You two have been together since the fourth war…” she paced in the middle of the room. “You’ve already had a…” she motioned a baby bump on her own stomach. “Scare already…” I flushed, she was right. She was the first person I went to when I thought it happened. We had just gotten back from a joint mission in Suna, I was teamed up with Lee and Temari with Kankuro and another Suna shinobi.

“We know.” Both Gaara and I said at the same time.

“So why haven’t you two chosen a date yet?” she asked annoyed.


“If you two say calendars, I’m going to scream.” She growled just as the two of us were about to say it. I looked over at my fiancée while he looked up at me. “Choose a freaking date.” She stated.

“Well… now that you mentioned.” I moved my hands out like a baby bump on me.

“Huh?” Kankuro rubbed the back of his head and groaned.

“Really?!” Temari gasped. I looked over at Gaara who leaned back in his chair with a smile on his face. I just nodded my head with a small smile.

“What?!” Shikadai jumped up on his feet.

“What are you two talking about?” Kankuro asked with an annoyed look on his face.

“They’re pregnant.” Shikamaru told him.

“Whoa! I’m gonna be an uncle!” He jumped to his feet.

“You’re already an uncle.” I stated monotone voice with a roll of my eyes.

“Oh yeah.” He grinned at his little nephew who was staring at the idiot.

“Thanks, Uncle Kankuro.” Shikadai grumbled then looked over at me. “Congratulations.” He stated looking at me and Gaara.

“Thanks, Shikadai.” Gaara said with a smile.

“So why not do the wedding soon?” Temari asked.

“We just want to confirm it…”

“So… uhhh calendar?” Temari asked.

“We want it soon but we still have nothing planned so we have to have it far enough away that I can figure out what we need and soon enough that I’m not showing.” I said.

“Sooooo soon?” Shikamaru asked.

“Definitely soon.”

Thanks for reading as usual!




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