Day 18-Snow Globe

Day 18-Snow Globe

I laid beside George in his bed while he read a book to me. I never really cared what book he read but I did enjoy his voice. So did Patch and Needles. The two misfits laid together at the foot of his bed content with their lot in life. “Jo?” I lifted my head at my boyfriend’s voice.

“Hmmm?” I answered tiredly. His voice was like a lullaby and I could pass out to it. I snuggled deeper into his shoulder.

“I think yer father is looking for you.” I closed my eyes and listened closer to what was going outside of the room. He was right. My father was searching for me. I sighed loudly leaning my head further into his shoulder. I didn’t want to get up. His mum will have a cow when she sees me coming out of his room in just my nightie. Make it, da will have a cow too. I forgot that tonight was one of the only nights we were going to be able to see each other. He had to be at his house tomorrow to keep up appearances. I sighed loudly as I began to climb over the lanky redheaded creature when he caught my hips. I laughed putting my own hands on each side of his head. What could I do? We’re teenagers after all. I leaned down placing my lips on his. He moved his left hand up my back so that his whole palm laid flat on my spine. It felt amazing as a shiver went up my back. How could I stop? We continued out lip locked tango until his door swung open with a.

“George have you… Oh my!” I shrieked loudly when George shot up in his bed, smacking his head into my own sending me off his body and on to the nasty dust reddened floor. I groaned as I landed on my side.

“Marjorie!” George shouted his voice full of concern. I groaned again as I laid on the floor. I rubbed my forehead with my left hand and my butt with my right. I was going to feel all of this in the morning. Big time.

“Marjorie?” dad walked in. He quickly turned on his heels as the sight of me in just my nightie. “Molly, can you please see that Marjorie is not injured while I grab your husband for a serious talk.” He was such a drama queen. I groaned dramatically throwing my head back on to the wooden floors. See where I get it from.

“Come along deary.” Mrs. Weasley walked in further into the room. She helped me up with George’s help, of course. He stayed put once we passed the door, especially after receiving a glare from his mother. I lifted my head to see that Harry, Fred, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and the rest of the Christmas visitors were on the stairs watching our little scene. Fred was laughing into his hand. While Hermione looked shook along with Ginny. Harry was covering his eyes, like a good cousin he was. Ron stared openly with even his jaw open which he received a smack from Sirius. Tonks was smirking at me, she was the one I got most of my advice from. She’s basically my awesomely cool aunt. Mrs. Weasley led me in to my room and helped me sit on my bed. “Now what were you two thinking?” she asked as she magiked up some bandages to take care of the small nick I had on my forehead. I hissed as she cleaned the wound magically. “Marjorie?” she asked me once more.

“You just caught us in the middle of me getting out of bed. I had forgotten that dad was coming over tonight. We…we were not going to do anything. We’ve never gone further than just kissing.” I told her as she grabbed my robe out of my wardrobe then draped it around my shoulders. “Thank you.” I whispered.

“Deary, you two are too young to be doing such things.” She shook her head as she moved my things around and cleaned up my cluttered room.

“We know…” we did but that didn’t stop us. Even Hogwarts knows this, not the professors but the actual castle. That’s one of the many uses of the Room of Requirements. I wanted to snicker but I didn’t want to give it away.

“Marjorie?” I lifted my head to see dad walking in. His robes billowing behind him. “Darling pack a bag please.” He grunted.

“What?” I asked standing up.

“You heard me. We are going to go to Japan for Christmas. I have everything arranged for us.” He told me with a smirk. He knew I wanted to go to Japan forever, there was no way I would say no. Even if that meant not seeing my boyfriend for two weeks.

“But what about…” I made a twitch of my head to motion towards downstairs.

“I have made arrangements for him not to question my absence.” I knew who was him and I really hoped father was right.

“Okay. I’ll be ready in a moment.” I moved around and began packing items.

“Well, I’ll get all your presents situated so you can take them with you darling.” Mrs. Weasley said trotting out of my room. Dad walked around my room taking in all my stuff.

“When did you move here?” dad asked me.

“After third year.” I grunted as I pulled items out of my drawers.

“What did the Dursleys say?” he asked me.

“Mo…Aunt Petunia… she cried… a lot.” I paused pulling one of my dresses up to my chest. I looked over at my father. He was sitting on my ottoman in the corner of the room. “She didn’t want me to leave but Uncle Remus is my guardian in the eyes of the Wizarding World. Uncle Vernon and Dudley didn’t care at all.” I said folding the wool dress and putting it in my suitcase.

“They treated you very well all these years. I’m sorry you can’t live with me.” He grumbled rubbing his hands.

“I understand why I can’t dad. I understand.” I repeated holding a hand to my chest where the necklace he gave me as a baby sat.

“Jo…” I lifted my head to the door where George was at. He froze at the sight of my father. “Professor Snape… I’m sorry about earlier. We forgot you were coming over today. I apologize… Jo and I… uhhh Jo…Marjorie and I, we were just kissing… we haven’t… we…” at the shake of my head at the topic, he didn’t need to lie to my father. He was already freaking out just standing there. I noticed in his hands was a Christmas box.

“Oh George… what do you have there?” I asked walking up to him covering his nervous hands with my own. I cut off dad before he spoke.

“Ohhh uhhh yeah… This is your Christmas present… I made it for you.” He said handing it over to me. I smiled moving over to the vanity that Sirius took from his mom’s room and gave to me. I sat on the soft chair.

“May I open it now?” I asked him with a tilt of my head. I was trying to keep his attention on me so he didn’t get all nervous and sweaty with dad looking right at him with his death glare.

“Oh yes. Yeah.” He repeated himself. I opened it with a tug at the ribbon bow at the top. The box was held together by the ribbon and when it fell so did the walls of the colorful box. I smiled as I took in the gift. It was a snow globe. I loved snow globes. I collected them from my family’s holiday trips. But this one was different. It was charmed. I held the circular gift up to my face to see inside was a little figure that looked just like me and another that looked just like him. They were hugging each other in front of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour with snow ever falling on top of us. The couple hugged, ran in the snow and even kissed one another gently. His taller figure even wrapped his arms around mine from behind placing its head on top of mine. My favorite position when we were waiting for things. I felt a tear well up in my eyes.

“Ohhhh George…” I whispered hugging the snow globe to my chest. “I love it!” I hugged him tightly and quite long until dad cleared his throat behind us. “Da.” I turned to face my father. “George and I have been dating for three years… you know that…” I growled as I placed the snow globe on to the shelf where all my other ones sat. I sat it right next to the snow globe of a carousel that da had given Mum before I was even thought of. He glanced at the snow globe and then back over at George.

“George.” Dad paused like he was tasting the name out for the first time. “We will be heading to Japan for the rest of the holiday. It is for Marjorie’s Christmas present. You two may talk through letter but we will be moving a lot so we wont be at one place for long.” Da told George. He had stood and walked to the door where George took two steps out as Da approached him.

“Oh uhh yes sir.” He stuttered again. Merlin, he was awkward around da.

“We will leave in a hour.” Da stated walking out of my room and down the stairs to meet with the rest of the grown ups. This is going to be a great Christmas.


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