Day 17-Quilt

Day 17: Quilt

“Your mother was the strongest woman I’ve ever met. I loved her like my little sister. She was the first one who knew about… what I am.” Remus said as we sat on the steps of his house. I held a cup of tea while he held one of coffee. I could feel my eyes tearing up. “You are just as strong.” He looked down at me as I looked up at him. He pushed my hair out of my face. “Marjorie. What you did was the strongest thing you could do. Harry’s safer with them. He… he can’t be with us. I understand you must…” I placed the mug down and walked off in to the dirt that surrounded us. I wrapped my arms around my stomach.

“No… no you can’t. Remus… Merlin! I’m his baby cousin. We’ve always been together. We were literally born a month apart. We are best friends. He’s always protected me from the bullies and I’ve always protected him from my family…” I bite my lip as pain wracked my body. I had to leave Harry because of who’s daughter I was. Who my father was put Harry in danger. I rocked back and forth on my feet.

“Harry’s safer there.” The voice sent a jolt of warmth through my body.

“Da.” I turned rushing the taller man. He clasped me tightly.

“I know it’s going to hurt, dear but… you deserve a family that loves you. You’re mother and I decided to make Lupin you’re godfather because we knew he’d always protect you. Now… I must go. I’m so sorry.” Da said he kissed my forehead then turned quickly apparate away.

“Why must he leave so quickly all the time?” I asked Remus as I walked towards my uncle. He wrapped his arm over my shoulder and led me into the house. After we closed the door we went into the large kitchen.

“He has to be cautious because Greyback likes to antagonize me here on my land. Not often just once in a while. And Greyback is one of His aids.” Remus said as we fully entered the kitchen. I smiled at the sight of Sirius cooking dinner. He was a pretty good cook but not the best.

“Finally! Come help me!” He groaned out motioning me over to his side. I trotted over to help his clean the chicken.

“Can you tell me more about my mom?” I asked Remus who was talking a seat at the island and sitting on a bar stool.

“Of course we can!” Sirius almost shouted.

“Yes well don’t listen to him. Your mother often hexed him.” Remus grunted which sent me into giggles.

“Yes she did. But! We were still good friends. She’s the one who helped us get animagi. She found the spell and potion. She was a smart cookie.” Sirius stated.

“Cool. You guys should help me get one.”

“Nope.”-“Not happening.” They both said at the same time.

“What? Why not?” I asked them.

“Because its illegal and I could lose the right to care for you. Its hard enough being a werewolf and taking over your care but add you becoming an animagi would make it even harder.” I shook my head as I continued to clean the feathers off the creature.

“Okay fine. Go on with the stories.”

“How about the time she made us all quilts?” Sirius looked over at Remus.

“Ohhh that was funny. So, your mother decided to make us all quilts. I’m sure your aunt spent hours listening to your mother curse and yell as she tried to get them together. I remember Marigold coming down the stairs with scowl on her face Christmas morning and her hands wrapped with bandages. Turns out she almost cut a finger off creating just one quilt.” Remus paused to chuckle. “All of us were betting trying to figure out whose she got finished. ‘Its not for any of you.’ She hissed angrily when we all started fighting over the gift. In just her sleeping robes and slippers, she walked right out of the Gryffindor common room with the present. Minutes later Lily came running down to follow Mari. We followed after her.” I smiled as Sirius began to pour a bunch of different seasonings all over our hands and the bird.

“Who’s present, was it?” I asked. I heard a pop and turned my head to see a dark brown gift bag on the counter beside Remus.

“Well, we followed her down the hall and to the dungeons. We hid at the corner as she stood at the entrance of the Slytherin’s commons.” Sirius said as he rubbed the seasonings into the bird. “We almost died at the sight of Snivels…” I glared at one of my caretakers. “Uhhh Severus coming out of the commons with a gift as well.”

“The quilt was for da?” I asked them.

“Yeah. Your mother was taken with Severus since she was a little girl, it never changed.” Remus’ voice quivered. “Clean your hands.” He told me. I nodded my head and did as he told. “Come here.” He gestured me to come over. I walked over to his side after I washed my hands. “Your father asked us to tell you this story. So he could give you this.” He pulled the item out of the brown bag. It was a grey and green quilt. “This is quilt your mother made your father. That year.” He handed me the folded warm fabric. I clasped the quilt in my arms and pulled it to my chest.

“Why did she have to die?” I asked him.

“She died with James. They both fought very hard for Harry and your safety. And Lily died for the two of you. She’s a hero.” Remus said running a hand through my long hair.

“I just wish I got to met her.”

“You are just like her. Snarky. Loud. Smart. Good with magically creatures.” At the acknowledgement of magically creature Needles peeked his head out of my hair like he was being called. When he found no one actually talking to him, he curled up back into the safety of his makeshift home.

“Don’t forget foul mouthed.” Sirius added.

“That’s right.” Remus agreed. “But that quilt is only one of the few things your mother made your father. Your father will be sending them here the next couple days so you can get to know Mari better.” Remus told me.


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