Day 16- Baby, it’s cold outside.

Again….SOOOO sorry for not posting over and over. I’m like dead tired from all the cooking. Yesterday, I finished it all and sent them to my family in Texas but today I went out present shopping for my immediate family and basically came home to lay on the couch tiredly. But good news, I got to see my niece tonight!!! She is freaking beautiful!! I love this little baby. Not that I want one of my own anytime soon but she definitely is adorable. So here’s day 16.

Day 16: Baby, It’s cold outside.

I shivered as I wrapped the large wool jacket around my body tighter. I hate stakeouts. I looked over to my partner. Thankfully it was my new boyfriend; Nuada. The elf prince stared annoyingly out the front window of my dark tinted windows. He was basically immune to the freaking cold while I was freezing my tits off. I shook violently to get his attention.

“If you stop moving, the cold will become worse. I believe its because of your human blood.” I glared over at my boyfriend as he glanced over at me with a grim smile on his face. He knew I was annoyed with him and wasn’t going to comfort me until I begged him too.

“Nuada…” I grumbled angrily.

“What is it?” he answered looking back at the iced river and snow covered bridge over it.

“I am freaking freezing. How aren’t you?” I asked him.

“We can control our internal temperatures pretty well.” When he said “we” he meant elves. Fucking elves. “Demons are supposed to run on the hot side. Is that not why your father doesn’t wear a shirt most of the time?” he asked with a smirk playing on his lips as he continued to scan the park we were at.

“You know some times I just want to slap you.” I grumbled. He made a ‘hmmm’ sound. He had zoned out, once again. “Tiye, you still love me right?” I asked the shadowcat that was laying in the back seat. Her large body took up most of the row with her large tiger like head resting on her face-size paws. She lifted her head and made yowling noise which told me, yes she still loved me. Especially when she crinkled her nose and my hands started to warm. She was a great spell caster. Some times better than I was. I smiled at the hell-spawned creature, she seriously was the best thing to happen to me.

“The cat can not stop loving you. Neither can I.” Nuada said leaning over the arm rest slightly to kiss my frozen lips. “You are really cold.” He stated surprised. He looked me up and down. Then he glanced around the back of my SUV, he cursed in his elf language and began to undo his belt.

“What are you doing Nuada?!” I asked him. We were supposed to be on the look out for some annoying magic users who were cursing people in their vehicles.

“Get out of the vehicle, Mackenzie.” He stated.

“What? Why?” I asked. It was going to be even more freaking cold outside. “Babe…” I grumbled. He hissed at me pulling his staff out.

“Tiye.” He growled. She stood up and chuffed at the elf. She liked him as much as a cat could like someone. “Tiye, out.” He grunted opening the back door as he got out. She trotted into the snow looking around but I didn’t want to get out. “Mackenzie, get out of the vehicle.” He growled.

“Nuuuu-ADA!!” I groaned shivering.

“MACKENZIE!!!” he basically yelled. I let my shoulder slump as I began to get out. Once I stepped out of the SUV, I began to warm up. What the hell?


“The magic users must have jinx the vehicle.” He grunted.

“Little shits.” I grunted scanning the park. I took a deep breath and tried to focus my hearing when I heard laughter to our right. “Over there!” I pointed towards the other side of the river. We all looked to see four teenage sized hoodlums running away. I shook my head as Tiye took off after them. She took the river crossing in two leaps while Nuada was on her tail. “Fuck, I’m soooo cold.” I grunted before stomping off towards the little shits. I watched as Nuada let his staff elongate as Tiye over took the fastest magic user. I started to cross the river when my feet began to slip forward. “Fuuuuuck!” I cried out as my sweats covered ass hit the frozen water. “This sucks sooo bad.” I grumbled. I got to my knees and scrambled towards the snowy river edge to see my boyfriend and familiar surrounded the four. One had tried to cast a spell on Tiye and it bounced back like it would any shadowcat. The kid was covered in weird pocks. I groaned as I got to my feet. I dusted the snow off my knees as I stumbled towards the group to get a better look. Nuada had his now spear tip pointed at the throat of the oldest.

“Do not move.” He grunted at the teenagers. As I got closer I began to recognize the little shits. They were from my grandmother’s coven.

“You have got to be kidding me right now.” I hissed rubbing my ass as I grabbed the eldest by the back of the neck. “Nikolai!!” I hissed shaking the teenage boy.

“Mac!! Mac! We didn’t know!! Come on, Mac!!” he groaned as I shook the kid roughly.

“I was freezing my ass off!!” I shook him harder.

“Come on Mac! It’s a joke!!”

“A joke my ass!” I hissed. “What the hell were you four thinking!” I shouted at them.

“We were just practicing magic!” he groaned as I finally let him go while still shaking him so he stumbled and fell to his knees in the snow.

“On humans! Do you know what humans do when they see magic?” I asked them. All of them slowly shook their heads. “They fucking do this!” I snapped my fingers and an article of the Salim witch trails showed up in my palm. “They hunt us. They fucking burn us. Does Navka teach you children nothing anymore? Or all of you too stuck in your damn phones to understand that humans are still afraid of us! They still hunt us! They still kill us.” I snapped my fingers once more to switch the ancient article out with my cellphone on an article about a woman being burnt to death by a man in Germany because she was a “witch”. “And she wasn’t even one of us.” I hissed. “Wiccans get this shit done to them. Wait until they find a real one of us.” I growled out at them. They all cowered in fear.

“You’re not going to tell Navka are you?” I knew the voice, it was Jody, a daughter of Francine hide under a large hooded sweat jacket.

“Of course I’m telling Navka! Shit! I’m doing it right now!” I growled at them. I pulled out a pen from my jacket pocket and wrote on a piece of paper and sent it zipping through the city to find the matriarch of the coven. “She’s going to kill you guys.” I smiled at them wickedly.

“Come on Mac! Haven’t you done anything like this?” I knew that voice too! It was Cade, son of Navka’s son, Christian. The little asshole should know all about the dangers of exposing us. “Uhhh Mac can you please tell your boyfriend to drop the spear?” he stuttered out. I looked over Nuada, he was till ready to fight them. One prince of Elves versus four witches… awesome.

“Nuada.” He just grunted dropping his spear and changing his body into a relaxed position.

“And you’re right I did do stuff like this. But the difference is… I’m a half demon and I did my tricks on people inside of BPRD. Not out here in the real world.” I relayed truthfully.

“She’s right.” Navka teleported to be right beside me. As the parents of each teenager popped up right beside them. “And she was not apart of a coven. She learned her magic on her own. She did not have the luck to have us. A family. You all should be ashamed. You’ve used your magic cruelly on ones who can not defend themselves. Your parents will take you home and tomorrow we will speak about this. At length. But! Before you leave, thank Mackenzie for contacting me and not the Bureau. They would have locked you four up without a second thought.” She grunted. The older woman motioned for each one of the children to approach me.

“Thank you.” They each said before their parents grabbed them taking them home.

“Thank you, as always, Mackenzie.” Navka said leaning towards me for a hug. I shared it with her.

“Yeah, you’re welcome. Keep an eye on Jody. She’s good with those weather spells.” I smiled. She was a mini genius.

“She’s like a smaller you. You were a talented user when I first met you. Far more advanced than any of my other students.” She pressed a kiss to my forehead before turning to run a hand over Tiye’s head and looking at Nuada. “You are very spell, young elf. Protect what you have.” She said running her hand down my shoulder and following my hand to my stomach. I looked down at where she stopped her hand before she took a step away. What the hell was this witch saying?

“I will always protect Mackenzie.” He grunted.

“That’s good to know. Now, I must leave. Come by for Christmas?” she asked.

“Of course. I’ll try to break him out as well.” I motioned to my elf.

“Sounds wonderful. The coven will be delighted. Have good evening.” She said before popping out of thin air.

“What was the witch talking about?” Nuada asked as we began to walk back to the SUV.

“No clue. She’s a mystery most of the time to me.”

“How long have you’ve known her?” he asked me.

“A looonng time.” I said as we crossed the river using the actual bridge this time. We walked in silence for a few moments until we got a little bit closer to the SUV. “Babe, lets get home. It is freaking cold outside.” I said leaning over to kiss his lips before making a mad dash to the SUV he was close behind me as Tiye over took both of us. Leaving us both laughing as she tried to get into the SUV without help.


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