Day 13- Silver

Hello!! I’ve decided since I’ve missed so much that I’d do the day I’m currently on and one more if possible. Its been a bit crazy at home. I’ve had to take up cooking all the cookies for my family so that’s about 8 or 9 dozen of six different types of cookies. To say I’m exhausted is an understatement but I’m going to try and keep this up. Today, I’m just doing todays prompt soooo sorry!! So today is day 13- Let’s see what I come up with.

Day 13- Silver

“Ms. Dursley?” I turned my head at the voice. It was him! My all-time favorite idol! I could feel my heart beat speed up as he took a few steps in to the living room where his wife left me to wait for him.

“Yes!” I almost shouted and quickly repeated the answer at a lower tone.

“Ms. Dursley, I don’t get many visitors such as yourself.” He meant female students, it was still a sexist world out there. I pushed a hand into my pocket to let Needles wrap around my finger so I could take him out. “Oh, what do you have there?” he asked leaning forward. “A bowtruckle.” He paused holding his hand out to Needles who just slapped his wrinkled hand harshly.

“Needles!” I scolded my little friend.

“Needles?” He asked me.

“That’s his name. He… told me…” I mumbled not looking up at the man.

“It suits him. I apologize, Needles. I was not trying to take you away from your friend. I was just going to feel your leaf. Where does he live regularly?” he asked me.

“I have a small cedar bonsai in here.” I motioned to my black bowler purse. It had an extension charm I learned from Hermione. I looked up to see the older man smile softly.

“That’s a pretty complicated charm to perform.” He stated leaning back softly.

“My best friend taught me. She’s a genius. Hermione Granger.” I said nodding my head along remembering just how smart my best friend is.

“What else do you got in there?” he asked me. I paused, I was going to answer but I remembered he worked for the Ministry.

“Just little knickknacks. Needles hates how cluttered it is in there.” Lie. Semi-Truth. Needles squealed catching my attention as he climbed up my sleeve, making his home in my hair that was falling out of the messy bun I held up with my wand.

“He sure likes you. There aren’t any else with you?” he asked me.

“No, sir. Needles was a lone when I found him. I was planning to take him to a wand tree with other Bowtruckles but when we found one, he didn’t want to leave me. So I got my own little tree for him to make his home.” I giggled softly when Needles tapped my ear to remind me why we came here. “Oh… uh yes. Ummm Mr. Scamander, I was wondering if you knew anything about kitsune cubs? Umm my professor asked me to research them over the holiday and I was wondering if you could give me some insight?” I asked him. He went over to a puffy soft looking chair and sat down then gestured for me to sit as well. I quickly scurried over to it.

“Kitsune cub you say.” He eyed my purse slightly when I just placed it on the floor I tried to bring his attention from it.

“A few things are known. They are very elusive. It be very odd to come upon one in England. But if I were to come upon one, I would try to find its mother as fast as possible.” When he paused I took advantage of it.

“What if the mother can’t be found or… uhh she was killed?” I asked him.

“That would be truly terrible. That would mean the cub would need to be feed milk until old enough to eat meat. I would also be very careful with them because as cubs I’ve heard they are very mischievous. They can disappear with a wrinkle of their nose or create hallucinations. And a lot more.” He stated then lifted his head up to look at me. “You must be on your professor’s bad list to have work over the holiday.” He grunted.

“Ohh yes. I often get into a little bite of trouble with my friends’ older brothers. They’re a great troublesome pair…”

“Newt? I’m starting dinner… Oh dear, are you going to stay for dinner?” Mrs. Scamander asked walking in with a towel in her hands.

“Ohhh.” I glanced at my watch and gasped. “I would love to but… my parents don’t know I was here. I must get home…” I was going to be in so much trouble. “Mr. Scamander… Mrs. Scamander. Thank you so much!” I quickly said shaking both of their hands before rushing out of their home. I made it to the bus just in time. It was practically empty. I quickly found a seat at the back of it and looked inside my purse. I smiled as my eyes caught the scene of the small silver kitsune curling up into one of my many pieces of clothes that littered the large charmed extension. “What do you think Needles? Do we need to take her back to Japan?” I asked my little buddy. He grunted and made a soft ‘hmuph’ sound. “I think we do too… maybe the Weasleys can help?” I asked, he just nodded his head and leaned his hand against my cheek. “Hopefully we don’t get into too much trouble when we get home.” I grumbled closing the purse and leaning over to look out the window as the scenic view passed us by. I didn’t really mind getting in trouble but right now I was more worried about how I was going to get the little silver kitsune back to her home country of Japan. I knew how it felt being out of place in your home, I could only imagine how it felt being absolutely alone in a world she knew nothing about.


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