Day 10- Should | Shouldn’t

It’s super short but this is all yall get. Its a Hellboy snippet. I hope yall like it!

Day 10-Should | Shouldn’t

I sat cross legged in the library waiting for Dad to come in. We were going to have an all-out yelling brawl. I knew it. There wasn’t any way we could avoid it. He basically abandoned me for his human girl friend and their babies. He forgot about his first child. I was the forgotten child. Yup. Now all I had to do was wait. He would come into the library any moment now.

“If your looking for Hellboy. He’s not coming.” I looked up to see her. Liz. I rolled my eyes at the new information.

“Fucking pussy.”

“Really?” She asked her voice getting a little higher. She was upset.

“Yeah he is!” I growled my anger coming out with full force as the wall in the library shook. “You should leave…. NOW.” I growled out at her getting to my feet and walking towards the back entrance of the library where it led to the stair way that was the emergency exit to the surface.

“No, I shouldn’t.” she stated. “You need to stop this childish behavior. You’re a grown woman.”

“Oh don’t tell me how old I am! I am older than you, Elizabeth. I will act however I wish. Now.” I spun to face her. “Tell my father to come face me when he grows a pair.” I hissed at her. I whistled to tell Tiye we were leaving. I stood at the entrance to stairs waiting for her. I could hear her claws scratching against the floor as she came from the main hall. I looked to the door to see Nuala, Abe, Nuada and Tin-Can stood at the door.

“Your father doesn’t deserve this treatment.” Liz said.

“Well I didn’t deserve John telling me, you two had twins then gotten married while we were in a meeting in London and making me look like an idiot in front of the director who attended your baby shower.” I hissed the walls shaking once again as I took a few steps towards her. “I was mortified. John fucking knew it the second it left his lips. He apologized but the damage was already done. The director thought I was a horrible daughter, didn’t even show up to her half-siblings’ baby shower. But you know what it took 30 minutes for me to convince him how fucking horrible of a father Hellboy actually is and always will be.” I stated.

“Ms. Bruttenholm, please take a step back.” The Tin-Can stated from the door.

“Don’t make me exorcise you, Tin-Can. I can and I will.” I hissed at him. This made Nuada snicker slightly and made me look right at the handsome elf prince.

“Don’t harm her.” Nuala whined like I was a great villain.

“I’m not going to harm her.” I mocked her which made Nuada smirk at me. I summoned book up and pushed it against the angry human’s chest. “This is for the twins. Its fairy tale book charmed to display the tale like a movie when you open it to the tale. Now fuck off.” I hissed as Tiye pushed her way into the room. She almost knocked Tin-Can over as she entered. “Lets go, Tiye.” I told the shadowcat. We left through the stair way. We stopped at the market to buy food before we headed to the manor.


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