Day 9-Bright

Hello! Sorry for not posting for the pass two days. I made tamales with my family which is an all day kind of thing and I was totally exhausted so the next day I need a break from well everything. I was super tired. Still am. But oh well. First up is Friday’s challenge. This is a fanfic snippet for James Cameron’s Avatar… one of my many favorite alien movies.

Day 9: Bright—Kalypso Vargas

“Where are we going?” I asked him as he clutched my hand in his own.


“Tsu’tey!” I groaned as he continued to pull me along behind him.

“Yes, my tutan.” My heart fluttered as he called me his mate. He finally accepted the truth I knew since I found him after the final battle. He was my other half. The person, na’vi, to make me smile and laugh especially when he would try to teach me to hunt and end up getting frustrated at how bad I am at it.

“Tsu’tey, please tell me where are we going? I have to help Neytiri give birth… she is going to pop any day now. We can’t be gone for long.” I grunted as we continued to walk through the dense forest.

“I have talked to Jake. He has promised to not allow Neytiri give birth until your return.” I sighed loudly at this very male comment.

“Men can’t promise that. Hell, women can’t promise that. Tsu’tey, the baby decides when they will be born.” I grumbled as we jumped over a long log.

“I know this. You are able to have free time now. We shall go somewhere special.” He stated with a ‘matter of fact’ kind of voice. I smiled at my mate. He was a natural born leader while I was a meek animal care taker. We were totally opposites. I loved to read all my books and he couldn’t stand to sit still for long. Our home was filled with my old books covering the left wall while his hunting tools cover the right. We often fought about our future, not even existing children and how they would be raised. Which usually ended with sex but we do argue a lot. Like a lot of a lot. I felt my feet slow as the thoughts flooded my mind. I slowly came to a stop while Tsu’tey did the same. His face turned to me with concern mostly because I stopped talking or complaining. “What is wrong?” he asked leaning forward to grasp my face with his large hands.

“We are exact opposites.”

“I know this. That is why we make a good team. You calm me while I burn a fire in you.” He said placing one of his hands on my hip bringing me closer to him. Our pelvises grazing each other in an intimate touch.

“My parents…their parents.” I looked into his eyes to see if he was following my words. He was. “They both fought a lot. My mother’s father beat her mother until she could not stand.” He looked angry with my words. “Same with my father’s parents. They both divorced…” he looked confused at my words. “They left each other for other mates.”

“That is wrong!” he growled.

“But their fathers beat their wives…mates.” He growled loudly at my words once again.

“They should have been killed. I would never do such a thing to you.” He leaned forward to push his lips against mine.

“But still…What if you grow to hate me?” I asked him.

“Never. Never. You are my light.” He whispered closer to me, basically covering my whole body with his. “You make me better.” He ran his lips over my forehead. “When you swell with our child, I will hunt to feed you what ever you wish for. I will always be there for you.” He grumbled into my hairline.

“Thank you, Tsu’tey…”

“Now let us continue!” he grabbed my hand pulling me along behind him.

“Tsu’tey where are we going?” I asked as we continued to run.

“We are here.” He stated as we came to harsh stop. I crashed into his hard back.

“Where is here?” I questioned going to step around him. “Oh my… it so beautiful.” I whispered.

“It is.” I looked up to him, he was looking down at me. He was so corny and he didn’t even know he was. We stood in the new trees that surrounded the Tree of Souls. They were small but so beautifully grown. I took a few steps towards the tree when his hand encircled my wrist. “Follow me.” He said leading us towards the main Tree of Souls. I smiled as he laid under the large tree. I plopped down beside him comfortably curling into his side.

“It is so bright here. How do you expect me to sleep?” I asked looking up into his beautiful eyes.

“Not at all.” He grinned down at me with a sly smile only to lean down placing his lips on top of me. He slowly rolled his large body over mine. I let loose a loud giggle as he kissed me over and over.


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