Day 8-Apothocary

Hello everyone! Thank you to everyone who is reading these! Yall are making me super happy. This is a little snippet of a job that Mac has to do to save kidnapped girls in her witching community. Thank you!!

Day 8- Apothecary

“What are you looking for my dear?” I lifted my head to look at the old goblin female that was behind the old wooden counter. I let my gaze fall on to the boil covered thing. It would be easy to kill such a creature as it stood with its big eyes glued to my form as I perused the different already prepared potions. The creature must have witches under its thumb to have such kinds of potions. Disgusting.

“A certain potion.”

“And that is? I have all kinds.” She stated with a snort at the end. She was arrogant. Made me even more disgusted.

“And who makes these potions?” I asked as I continued to walk around the small shop. My long trench coat covered my long arrow tipped tail and my black hoodie which was under it hid my horns. Most people thought I just had my hair up in a weird up-do, not my horns. I usually kept my face tipped down to let my hood hide any characteristics that would help people identify me quickly before I could do my job. My job, this time, being this apothecary shop.

“Uhhh well, I do, of course!” she stumbled over her words.

“With those… uhhhh claws.” I asked glancing at her clawed hands. They were worse than mine which were human hands tipped with long black inch long claws.

“Ohhhh yes, yes. I am very careful.” She quipped quickly as she walked over to the box beside me.

“Well. That’s good.” I stated turning to face away from her.

“So the potion you are looking for?” she asked leaning in to place one of her knurly hands on my upper arm. I grunted looking down at the claw. I opened my mouth showing my fangs at the creature. She jumped back at the sight of them. “Apologies.” She quickly took her hand off of me.

“I am looking for a tracking potion.”

“Oh? What are you looking for?” she asked me.

“A friend.”

“She is lost or a runaway?” It asked me.

“Hmmm missing. Actually a few of my friends are missing.” I mumbled as I ran a finger over a potion used to melt flesh.

“Oh and they are from where exactly?” she was just full of questions.

“Hmmm you are curious. Well they actually are from the Kivra’s White Magic Clan.” I heard her heart beat speed up similar to only moments ago when she saw a glimmer of my fangs.

“Ohhh Oh uhhh well. Uhhh we have some…” she was taking a few steps backwards when I closed my hands around the flesh melting potion. I flung it towards her as she went scrambling to get behind the counter. It splashed around her feet as she jumped into her barstool in attempt to get away from me. “Where are the girls!?” I growled placing my hands on the hood of my jacket and pushed the fabric back to show my horns.

“Wh… what….I don’t know what you mean?!! I have no clue of girls.” It grunted with tears in its eyes from the stomach curdling smell of the flesh of her feet burning.

“Yeah. And I am not a fucking half demon.” She froze in her steps which made me smirk. It was scared out of her mind. “Now tell me where the girls are or I will burn this place to the ground with you inside of it.”

“No. No. No. please!!” It cried as I raised a hand to knock or another few potions.

“A creature like you creating master pieces such as these?” I picked up a potion for forgetfulness and tossed it on to the ground like it was just a piece of paper. “Now… tell me or I will fucking destroy this place.” I hiss at her walking up to the counter and slamming my fist on to the counter. Everything on it jumped as my fist made contact with the wood.

“Fine! Fine!” she cried out. “They are under us.” She hissed.

“Thank you.” I grunted leaning forward throwing my hand out to draw my long black claws into her throat and slicing it open. As her body fell to the ground, I lean forward saying, “I’ll bring you back if you are lying.” Thankfully she wasn’t. The 15 teenage girls were in the basement of the building. The girls were the ones making the potions while chained to the ground with an ankle lock. Thankfully being given jobs that benefit my community was better than having to deal with family issues such as why my father had a whole other family and not tell me anything about it.


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