Day 7- Bauble!

Pretty late for my post but I almost forgot to post it! Here ya go! Oh and its a fanfic snippet for Hellboy one of my OCs.

Day 7- Bauble

“Ready?” I lifted my head to look over at my boyfriend. His pale white skin shimmered in the light of our sitting room. I looked down at what rested in my hand. It was a monster Bauble. A family tradition that my father had started a long time ago when I was only a few months old. But when he started the tradition, the baubles were just fake monsters. Now. Now is a different story. After we finally found the Troll Market under the Brooklyn Bridge, I made it my mission to go there all the time. I loved the normalicy I felt there. No one stared openly at the demon chick with two large curled back red horns and a matching spear tip tail. No they just gave me a side glance (mostly because my trusty shadowcat) and went back to their business. Demons were rare but it wasn’t like it is with humans who just stare and gawk at the weird chick with horns. I smiled at the bauble in my left hand. It was latest one. I had actually bought it in the London Goblin Alley. The bauble was a shrunken cursed ghoul’s head biting onto a hook so I could hang it from my tree. It was pretty awesome if you got pass the part where a flesh eating monster was constantly blinking and growling at you every time it saw you. It was just one of the collection of six I have with real monsters acting as baubles for my Christmas tree. “Mac? Are you ready?” he asked me as he leaned against his staff. His scarred face grimacing as I dropped the ghoul bauble back into the peanuts where they lived for the better part of the year. I got to my feet and walked towards my very indulgent boyfriend. I placed my hands on his slim waist leaning forward to place a kiss on his cheek.

“What market are you taking me too?” I asked him.

“Where do you want to go?” he countered with a sly smile on his face. He knew I had making decisions but loved to force me to. I groaned pushing my face into his clothed chest.

“Nuada, I don’t want to choose. Please choose.”

“No.” he stated plainly.

“Nuada.” I pleaded with the elf prince.

“Mackenzie.” He grunted right back but with a lot of indifference in his tone.

“Mac! Mac!!” we both turned at the small voices that belonged to my half siblings. The five year olds were rushing over to us with great big balls in their arms.

“Hey kids.” I greeted them still clinging to Nuada’s waist.

“Mac why are you always hugging Nuada?” Zeke asked me with a tilt of his head. He was lucky to look mostly human well other than the tiny fact that he’s as red as our natural born demon father.

“Because she loooooves him!” Anna laughed to her brother, who just gagged in disgust of the word.

“Why yes I do looooove him, Anna.” I said kissing Nuada’s cheek that was set in an enteral frown.

“Ahhhhhh!!!!! Twins!!” I heard Dad bellow after screeching like a banshee. The twins both rushed to hide behind my Christmas tree.

“What did you two do?” I asked them as Nuada smirked at my father’s pain. They seriously had a twisted relationship.

“Welllll….” Anna started.

“Anna.” I grunted for her to continue.

“Zeke laid his legos outside of dad’s office then I put all my playdough after it…” she quipped quickly. I sighed shaking my head. If dad was bare foot it was going to hurt then feel absolutely disgusting. If he was in his boots then the playdough was going to stain his perfect boots.

“Run along little ones. We have decisions to make.” Nuada shoed the two off but they just stared at us. “Run. Along.” He punctuated his words with a glare at them. He didn’t actually not like them. He just didn’t like anyone. Sort of like me.

“Why?” Anna asked.

“Because Tiye is going to eat you.” I motioned for the lazy shadowcat to chase the twins out of the room. She gave me sideways glance then yowled at the two, who both squealed and ran out of the room with Tiye right on their tails. I smiled back up at my significant other and placed my hands on his cheeks. “Are you going to be a dick when we have kids?” I asked him. He gave me a smirk and leaned forward to kiss my lips.

“Our children will be perfect so does it matter?” he asked me.

“Awww.” I laughed kissing him back quickly.

“Now… where are we going to buy your Monster Bauble?” he asked me with a quirked eyebrow.

“Ugggggg.” I groaned leaning backwards knowing he would hold my hips so I didn’t fall backwards. He was used to my dramatic ways.


“Okay! Okay! Brooklyn. Might as well visit the family while we’re there too.” I said with an evil grin. He absolutely hated my mother’s side of the family. Navka, the matriarch of one of the witch clans often questioned when we were going to have children. Then my grandmother followed us around telling us what we should and shouldn’t buy because the seller was either a slug or not. Her words not mine. I don’t even know what a slug is.

“I regret not making the decision.” He grunted.

“I bet.”


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