Day 5-What Haunts You?


So this little snippet is actually based off of an OC for a Harry Potter fic I have going. I’m planning on posting the first one when I have to totally finished.

Day 5: What Haunts You?

I laid in bed looking over at Hermione as she talked about her potions class like I wasn’t there a few seat down from her. I wasn’t really listening to her but more thinking about what he had told me. What Sirius had said made an impression. How could it not?

“Petunia and Vernon aren’t your parents.”

Could that be true? I mean, I only had really one thing in common with them. My roundness. I looked over to the window by my bed and glanced out to Black Lake. If I wasn’t their kid, then who’s was I? Did my parents even want me?? Clearly they didn’t but could they now?

“Hey, Jo are you listening to me?” Hermione asked me.

“Actually…no. I have to go Mione…” I said standing up quickly. I let Needles grab on to my skirt edge as I walked pass where he was living on the house plant we kept in the dorm.

“Ohhhh uhhh okay. Are you okay Jo?” she asked following me to the door. Needles was climbing up my clothing as I paused at the door way. He quickly hid in my long hair. He eventually made his way to behind my ear where he usually nestled at.

“Uhhh no… actually I’m not.” I whispered feeling the words sink in to me at very depths of my soul. Was Sirius just saying what I already knew? Did I already know that I wasn’t the Dursleys’ child?

“What’s wrong? You… you look kind of haunted…” she wasn’t wrong. I was haunted. Haunted by the truth that a murderer brought to surface.

“Uhhh can I ask you something?” I asked her.

“Of course, we are best friends.” She said grabbing my hand gently.

“Do you know a spell to find out if your related to someone?” I asked her.

“Well actually there is a potion… its for someone finding their child… Why do you ask?” she asked me.

“I don’t think the Dursleys are my parents.” I whispered feeling a tear run down my cheek as I spoke the words out loud.

“Oh my….” She squeezed my hand gently. “What makes you think that?” she asked me.

“Just a feeling. Uhhh can you tell me the potion?” I asked her.

“Sure… Actually let me write it down. I think Snape has the ingredients in class. Maybe tomorrow you can get the stuff or…” she gave a look that told me to take Harry’s favorite item. The invisibility cloak.

“I’m going to do that.” I quickly moved to my note pad and wrote a quick note to Harry, asking him to let me borrow it tonight. She was writing the name of the potion down and the ingredients for me. I quickly casted the spell for the paper to fold itself in to a hornet and sent it to find Harry. It zoomed out of our dorm and down the hall.

“Here you go. Good luck, Jo.” She said holding my hand tightly as she handed the list to me.

“Thanks, Mione.” I hugged her to me and raced out of the room with Needles in my hair bouncing along as we moved quickly down the hall. I was ready to figure out what the hell was going on with my life.



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