Day 4-Morning Routines

Hello, I’ve taken to deciphering the prompts that are presented in little snippets of stories. Fanfiction or just fiction overall. So far, this is actually giving me great material for my future books. I am loving this idea!

Thanks for reading as usual!

Morning Ritual

The feeling of silky strands brushing against my cheek was what brought me out of my sleepy trance. I looked up at the owner of the hair, he was oblivious to the fact that I sat situated between his legs sideways with my own legs over his left thigh. My cheek pillowed against his warm chest. He was busy rowing the long boat. He wasn’t even disturbed by the fact that I took up most of his lap. He was looking ahead of us as he leaned forward and worked the oars backwards to propel us slowly forward. “Good morning, little one.” He said not taking his eyes off of the river ahead of us. I began to get off his lap to take the seat in front of him. “You did not have to move.” He stated as he continued to move us along.

“I know. You did not sleep?” I asked him moving my hands to play with the hem of my skirt.

“No. I do not require much sleep.” He stated continuing his motion of rowing.

“Do you want me to row for a while?” I asked him.

“No.” he stated with his eyes looing behind my head.

“Oh…” I paused pursing my lips as I tried to think of something to pass the time. “What is it like there?” I asked him. He knew what I was talking about. He lived there for thousand years and now he was bringing me to be with him.

“Beautiful. The sun rises over the trees greeting us every morning.” At these words, he looked down at my face. He looked down at me with a sense of love that he always had when we were at my home. He gave me a look that made my chest flutter.

“What will we do in the mornings?” I asked him.

“We will wake up in my talan. It is my home in the trees. It is large enough for us to live happily.” He gave me one of his beautiful smiles. I grabbed my bag off the floor of the boat and brought it to my chest. “I have a small kitchen so you may make me your great breakfast meals.” He loved them when he stayed in my home. He could not imagine what chorizo was and loved my tortillas. It was going to be so weird not having internet or wifi or well anything that I was used to in my universe. I had given everything up to spend the rest of my life with an injured elf who showed up in gazebo one night. I reached up to lightly touch the scar on his cheek. It was only one of the many scars that littered his body. He leaned into my gentle touch and kissed my wrist quickly before my hand retreated back to the safety of my lap. “I can not wait to awake with you in my arms.”

“I was in your arms just right now.” I gestured to his arms.

“Properly.” He grunted. I knew what he meant. The only way I slept in the safety of my own room.

“Okay, Haldir. I cannot wait to wake to you in our new home.” I admitted hugging my bag to my chest and smiling shyly up at him.


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