Dialogue Prompt #1

found a blog that gives out prompts of all kinds and I decides that since I made this blog for the purpose to writing everyday, that I should get started with prompts. This was the first one I chose and I’m pretty happy with the little snippet I came up with. 

Dialogue Prompt: “Me & God- We don’t get along.”

“Me & God, we don’t get along.” I stated to my grandmother over Christmas Eve dinner.

“Got that fucking right.” The man to my left grunted as he slapped his large meat paw on my thigh. Everyone just gawked at him as he leaned back in his chair. It was such a bad idea to bring him to over. My very Catholic grandmother just gawked at him as he stared at my face intensely. I just thanked whoever was up there that the rest of my family could not see his hand going up under my skirt rubbing the pads of his fingers on the inside of my thigh.

“And why is she right?” my grandmother huffed lightly patting her napkin at her lips.

“Cuz she’s dating me.” He stated leaning over to press his lips to my neck. I placed my hand on his neck, my fingers running up his chin and my tips touching his lips, I roughly pushed his face away from my neck. He grunted angrily as he slumped back in his seat. He was pouting like a child, in front of the seven other children that were scattered around the table.

“So you’re a bad influence of my sister?” my eldest brother, Casey questioned us.

“Fuck yeah.” Jakob grunted digging his fingers in gently which sent a shiver up my back.

“Can you please stop cursing?” Casey’s wife; Marcy asked. Her snotty voice rang in the air making my head begin to ache.

“No… No I can not.” Jakob copied her voice as he spoke. I brought my hand over my mouth as I laughed. My nieces giggled out loud as he copied their mother’s. A swing of a blue tail caught my eyes. The ghouls were here. A shot of fear ran up my spine as I caught one their little fucking claws on the chandler over head. I reached over and slapped Jakob’s thigh.

“Ja…” I leaned over to whisper in his ear. “We have unwanted guests.” I told him looking right at the chandler then directly at the hall where I saw the little tail disappear at.

“I’ll take care of it darling.” He grunted kissing my lips quickly. He stood laying his napkin on the seat of his chair. He whispered a spell in latin which froze everyone except my mother, him and I.

“What’s going on baby?” mom asked me.

“Ghouls.” I told her as Jakob climbed on to the table, he reached into the chandler, grabbing one of the ghoul’s feet with his true hand. The little creature squealed in pain as Jakob’s large dark red paw crushed its little leg. I walked over towards the hall where I saw the ghoul disappear to. It was busy climbing in to the bookcase on the wall on the right. I pulled a glove out of my pocket, on the cursed leather was a binding spell on the palm. I fitted it over my fingers and struck my hand into the bookcase grabbing the creature by the neck. It squealed as it clawed at my hand.

“Got it babe?” Jakob asked as he turned down the hall with a large burlap bag over his shoulder. “Nice work.” He grunted leaning over to kiss my lips as I dropped the creature with its little buddy in the bag. They both were cursing us in their little language that only language specialists knew. “Gotta love having a witch as a girlfriend.”

Putting my lips on his as he wrapped an arm around my waist to hold me to him, I countered with, “Gotta love having a demon as a boyfriend.”


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