December Challenge-Day 3

Day 3 of the December Challenge and the prompt is “mirror mirror”. I’m finishing up my Egyptian studies course and found this 19th dynasty reflector online, so I’m going to write about it.

Day 3- Mirror, Mirror

“A mirror? Mirror?” I laughed as he repeated his words like they weren’t the same as what I literally just said.

“Yes, Jakob. A mirror, mirror.” I laughed as my boyfriend stared at the ancient item with a raised eyebrow.

“Well, fuck me. Seriously, this measly piece of crap is what’s causing all this trouble?” he asked poking the metal item with his long red arrow tipped tail cautiously.

“Its not going to fucking bite you, Jakob!” I snorted laughing loudly.

“How the hell do you know?” he almost shrieked placing his knuckles on his hips.

“Because you have to talk in ancient Egyptian to activate the spell.” I stated leaning back on the throw pillows that surrounded us in our tent.

“No shit?” he asked as he leaned down on his knees to my direct left. “So what now darling?” he asked moving to place his head and arms on my thighs as if I was a pillow. I rolled my eyes as he looked up at me, batting his eyelashes like he was an innocent little girl.

“Now we wait for our ride to come pick us up tomorrow morning.” I laid back on our larger pillows so I was looking down at him. He slowly moved to lay his head on my stomach and lay between my legs.

“That doesn’t sound like fun.” he pouted like a child.

“Jakob, you know you’re a grown ass Demon right? What do you think is going to happen after finding the artifact that was literally turning students into sand?”

“Sex?” His face lit up with desire. His eyes were large where the large grin on his lips reached all the way up too. It wasn’t just a normal grin but a dorky grin that he really hoped for what he asked for. I leaned up to press my lips to his when our foreheads met. I slowly placed my small hands on his naked shoulders and ghostly ran my lips over his. He was ready. So ready. I pushed my hands as hard as possible on to him.

“Nope!” I laughed as he began to pout once more. He was riot sometimes.



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