November 29-

You know I’m not one of those bloggers who post everyday or even multiple times a day. Its hard for me to actually get what I really want to say on to the screen. This might seem hard to understand, why would I have a blog then? Why am I an avid writer? Well I have a blog because a friend suggested that this would be a great way to help get some of my works out there. And I’m an avid writer because I love to write fiction. Fiction is what I live for. I can be found popping out a new short story or even a fanfiction every few hours at school or even at home.

This leads me to why I’m posting right now. I’m posting to say I’m going to try one of those 30 day writing challenges. As of right now I have it narrowed to three different ones. One that is a basic blogging challenge while the other two are December centered challenges. I particularly dislike Christmas but I adore the winter. Because its finally sweater weather and as a big girl I fucking rock sweaters. I love them. I look cute as a freaking button in one. But anyways back to the point, I’m just giving a heads up for anyone who actually reads this crappily kept up blog.

Oh! Oh! And I might start a drawings challenge as well. Probably for my one of my many OCs maybe my Avatar (James Cameron) oc or maybe my many others. I don’t know for sure. But if I do it, I’ll definitely post them on here when they are done.

So until December 1st when I actually start the blog, I’ll try to keep blogging once a day but as we all know that might not happen…

Tata For Now—-




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