I just wanted to put down that I am on as PrincessBastet20. I have only 3 small stories posted right now but I’m trying to get up the nerve to post all my other stories. I have a crap tone of them.

The reason I got the courage to do this is really the fact that I just got a new computer. It is a Surface Book and it is awesome. I have a lenovo before and it was great BUT I think I have fallen for this new creation. It is super cool. It recognizes my face as my password and even gives you a backup password just in case. I love it!!

But anyways, the stories I have posted so far include a Aliens/Predator story and two Walking Dead stories.

The Aliens/Predator story is actually about a girl who is kidnapped by a group of scientists that know of her true heritage which leads to her being saved by her true father. It is being written to end up at a clan ship where she slowly learns her place as one of them along with becoming familiar with a certain yautja who makes her skin burn with desire.

The 1st Walking Dead story is about Negan meeting a young woman on the first day of the apocolypse. Other than the prologue, the story starts with a few months before Rick’s group meets Negan’s group. The real point of this story is to introduce a woman that see a whole other side of Negan because she knows that other side but their relationship soon begins to be threatened because she is falling in love with him and her morals wont lets her become one of his many wives.

The 2nd Walking Dead story is about Negan and a young woman of the same name as the previous OC. It starts with the TV version of Rick’s group meeting the Real Negan adding Rick’s sister (the OC) to the mix along with Negan and Lucille’s daughter Noelle.

Anyways I have serious high hopes for all three stories and I’m trying to figure out the next stories to post but at this point I have no clue. I have stories from RED, NCIS, Once Upon A Time, TMNT, Teenwolf, DC comics, Game of Thrones, Marvel Comics, Hellboy, Lord of the Rings, Mummy, Stargate, Star Trek, Anime, Bitten, 100 and a crap load more.

If anyone really does read this maybe you could put in your point of view? Which of these I should post next?

Thank you!!



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