Fear the Walking Dead-Spoiler Alert

So I’m pretty much over Fear the Walking Dead. Through out this past episode I’ve repeatedly wanted to punch Nick in the face. He is the freaking worst person to be in the Zombie Apocalypse. He is the exact person I would hope and think would die right away. You know, he’s a junkie with no sense of preserving his own life. I understand some junkies don’t really want to survive and that’s why they’re junkies but the way he goes about surviving is the most idiotic way in the world.

At first I thought he was one of the smarter guys in the group by putting zombie blood all over him and walking with the zombies but holy shit, he does not know when to just stop… If he dies soon, I will not be surprised at all.

One thing I did think was kind of messed up was the dog scene. I literally had to cover my eyes. I could not stand the fact that those poor hungry pooches were eaten by the walkers. Which is funny because they just took a chunk out of Nick’s leg but I just can’t stand animal harm. The poor little things. I might sound like a regular sappy girlie girl but trust me, I can watch gore movies with the best of guys and be a total weirdo when a head is split open showing the brain and nasal cavity (like in the 300-sequel) but involve animals in any way and I’m back to being a girlie girl.

Thank you for reading!!



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