First day of Fall Semester~

Okay so my first day of this fall semester started technically today but for me it started yesterday. It started when I checked the online class notifications that my Women’s class was going to have me doing at least four different hard papers. I immediately dropped that class. I told myself that I was not going to write more than three papers for a class especially not for an elective. I had to write a 20 page paper last spring semester and it basically gave me heart problems. I don’t want to go through that bullcrap again. So I picked up another class that I actually need for my degree. Continuing with last night, I could not get to sleep. My mind kept trying to figure out where I wanted to park. In the end, I had to finish watching Mamma Mia! and put on Jurassic Park before I could actually pass out. Before my first day even starts and I’m freaking out.

So this morning comes and my body figures that it should wake up 15 minutes early. I wanted to cry when i looked at my phone. But there really is no logical point in going back to sleep for only 15 minutes. Soooo I decided to get dressed, last night I had chosen my outfit. I had asked my father to knock on my door at 5:30 because he wakes up at like 4 am. I was already dressed except for my top because I’ve learned the hard way that you never eat at home with a good shirt on. (You’re just too laid back to be careful and want to actually try stopping food from falling on it.) Anyway once he’s gone and I am finally eating, it decides to start raining… IN freaking AZ! But I know better. It rains for like a second and it sunshine and heat the rest of the day. Anyways, I spend the next two hours dreading driving. FYI i hate driving due to the car accident. I use to scream and curse people out while driving, now I can’t even attempt to try that because my heart is already racing at an unnatural pace. Anyways I made it safely to campus. I paid two more dollars than last semester for all day parking. Kind of super pissed about that. Anyways I get to my first class which is an ASM class. For anyone who doesn’t know what that it is, it basically means an anthropology class, if you don’t know what that big word is… look it up please. Anyways it turns out the old bat does not want us to use our laptops, some bullcrap about know getting the same immersion as taking notes by hand. I wanted to cry! I have horrible handwriting.

Anyways, during that class I get email from my second class professor saying that class has been canceled… I wanted to cry again because now I have to wait 4 hours til my next class starts! Ugggggg! Guess what? I’m still waiting!

Anyway thanks for reading.





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