Pokemon Go-Best day???

Okay so this game is literally on everyone’s mind. It is literally the best game out there because it is getting people up out of their houses and at least trying to be active. Personally, I am in love with Pokemon GO, its cool finding all the pokestops and even reading about my community when I stop there. Yesterday had to be one of my most successful days yet.

Yesterday, I caught over 40 pokemon. One of the best tips I can give others is go to military bases. I literally caught multiple pokemon in just the parking lot of the BX. It was awesome! Also if its like an Air Force base, they usually have airplanes on display or places that were there before the base was built around it. I made my mother drive to every pokestop, which was most of the airplanes on display and a few buildings; like the clinic or baptist church. It was pretty funny because there were about 5 or 6 other vehicles parking in front of the airplanes, waiting a few moments than reversing and going to the next airplane. I could not stop laughing at how many people were playing this game. I got so much stuff from those stops too. On base I got a Rhyhorn and a Rhydon. I got an Abra in the commissary while food shopping. It was great!

Today was less successful, I used an incense for basically no reason because I was trying to get an Onyx that  keeps popping up in my neighborhood but runs away whenever I get close to it. I do keep getting a lot of paras and pidgeys, so I’m using them to get pidgey candy to powerup and evolve. Yesterday I also hit level 5 allowing me to pick a team. I could not choose at all so I’ve been putting it off. By midday today, I was already a level 7 and my brothers, future sister-in-law and niece showed up for a visit AND our topic of the day was Pokemon GO. After talking a bite I chose a team. Team Mystic. While my other brother and future sister-in-law chose Valor. Mystic just seemed to be the smart intellectual team, so as a major book nerd and a little bit obsessed with blue I went with Mystic.

That’s all for today! Thanks for reading as usual!



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