Pokemon Go-Today!

I think I had a freaking successful day today! I caught 11 pokemon all together! Woot! Woot! (I used incense lolz) I caught a Pidgeotto in the middle of a panic attack I was having. (I was driving alone for the first time and pulled over to get over my panic attack when he showed up out of no where!) From then on I caught three pidgeys. Another Eevee, and a meowth. Now a funny story.

I was using the incense and a Ninetails showed up as near by. I saw some leaf floating down the street so I put on my sandals and ran after the little shit. Turns out to be a a freaking Primeape, while I was busy trying capture him in wedge beach sandals, a leg wrap, shorts, a brown tank top and nappy ass hair. I can hear a car pulling up behind me and stop. I froze freaking out, like this was how I was going to die. Playing fucking Pokemon in crap clothes and not even wearing a cute bra. I turn when I hear, “Are you playing Pokemon!?” It turned out this guys was looking for the Ninetails too! I told him about the Primeape and he pulled over to capture one. It was too freaking funny! Still I could never get that Ninetails, the closest I got was in my backyard with my dad when we were trying to put a shed together. Pretty upset about that Ninetails.

But I guess I live in an area where the map doesn’t think its so developed so while my dad was driving to Lowes I got not one but three Paras and a Hitmonlee. Its pretty awesome because the map thinks most of my area is just desert area and grass not massive house development. My house isn’t even on the map!

Another thing is that I got my mom hooked on the game too! She loves it and wants to capture pokemon but she isn’t so good at throwing the pokeballs.

Again thanks for reading!



Just caught another Pidgey on my desk!!!!  I definitely love this game!!


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