On my mind~~~

So in the last 10 years I’ve had about five or six surgeries. My poor older brother is currently doing PT for his second surgery for the same problem with in a year of the last one. Now, I sit here and think about my own surgeries. Legs, mouths, hands. I wanted to actually write about this because apparently I have something that is pretty rare and usually found in intensely active people (like super soccer players or basket ball players) or people who have gone through an intense trauma. I have something called Compartment syndrome, for me it is a throbbing pain I’ve had for years as I walk through campus, my house or anywhere really. Meaning I really can’t walk for a long time because the pain becomes horrible it feels like my legs are going to explode. As a firm believer of not self-internet induced diagnosing, I avoided googling it before it was confirmed.

BUT- after almost 5 months of trying to get the test to confirm why my legs were in constant pain from just walking around the house or doing chores, I finally got an appointment. Sadly, three days before I t-bone some idiot who comes racing out of a neighborhood in a five lane wide, main street trying to get to another neighborhood on the other side with out stopping at the stop sign. I ended up with a bruised collar bone, nose, ribs, chest, stomach, upper back, whole right leg, plus cut across my throat from my necklaces and fingers that I’m pretty sure that were broken but I had a stupid doctor who didn’t want to hear about that pain (I’ve literally crushed one of my fingers, I know the pain of broken fingers). I could not do the test in anyway. So I put it off for two weeks.Still a bad idea.

Why? Well, the testing for this syndrome is a BITCH. I didn’t know that because as I said I didn’t want to self-diagnose. I thought all I had to do was exercise and then they would put some kind of wrap around my legs (like a blood pressure cuff) to test the muscles. That was stupid of me. Nope. They didn’t even want me to exercise. My Doctor said that I was lay down and he would stick a needle into the muscles and test them. That didn’t really set any alarm bells off for me. BUT it should have. Especially if they were only numbing the skin. So there are four compartments in your lower leg for your muscles and one is in the back, so i assumed I would lay one my stomach so he could stick the needle in easier. NOPE. He just numbed my skin in all the areas quickly and that felt like a million ants just rushing over my skin nipping at it as they went. Then the long ass needle went into my muscles from the front as I laid on my back. Let me tell you this, it hurt like a Bitch. I’d never wish that kind of pain on anyone. Not even my jerks of brothers. I wanted to cry so much as he stabbed me four times in each leg for each compartment. It was horrible. I can’t even describe how it felt. Overall, I was positive in six of all eight compartments. I am going for yet another surgery for my legs. Called a fasciotomy. To say, I self-diagnosed after the test is an understatement. I googled the shit out of everything and anything. But that’s for a blog post for a later day.

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