Procrastination at its Best!!!

Supposed to be listening to a viral lecture and taking notes but I really don’t want to soooo Let us talk about Fear the Walking Dead and that crap fest. Spoiler Alerts: and if you haven’t seen it don’t worry too much.

First off going to point out that Travis’ son, whatever his name is. He is totally just as I said a fucking crazy dude. He literally was going to let that zombie eat his soon to be step mom. Like it was her fault his mom got bite? No she went off and had to be miss nurse hero trying to save people when she could have just acted like a normal person and hung out with her child, like a real mother probably should have done. Then he threatened the girl, I was personally voting that he get killed off like twenty times through out that shitty episode.

Again with these fucked in the head people during the zombie Apocalypse (sp?)– those people were basically Maggie and her family but on a worst scale. Like seriously? That little boy feed them a FUCKING PUPPY!!! That kid was f-ed in the head to think that his zombie mother was going to come back, like if he didn’t die in that fire then he’s probably going to f-ed in the head as he grows up. I was pretty much over this show at the beginning of this season but i kept watching. One thing that definitely kept me in my comfy couch was the old man.

The old man is freaking awesome! Like seriously he might be going through some form of PTSD but he gets shit done. Like his daughter should have been listening to his ass from the beginning. He knows what to do to survive and I personally would stay with that kind person.

Also totally thought drug head kid tweaked finally out as the fire destroyed the villa. He was just casually walking through the zombies like their freaking messiah or like Murphy on Z-Nation. He was always little weird though, I think he’s got the stuff to handle life by himself for a while if need be.

Overall, not impressed. Still waiting to see who Negan killed on Walking Dead. I’m thinking its like Eugene or Rosita because both of them seem to have come to stopping point in their stories. Eugene finally grew a back bone and Rosita had her heart broken or boytoy stolen (whatever you wanna call it) both are acceptable story stopping points especially if you ever read any of George R. R. Martin’s works (LOL).

Now just a suggestion if you like zombies and don’t mind crappy quality effects. ZNATION! I literally watched all the seasons on Netflix in like three days. Its wasn’t one of my proudest moments. But seriously, I found it hilariously gory and had a totally different concept than many other zombie stories.



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