I’m Back! And its not good…

Well, I haven’t blog in pretty much forever, so here I go. At this current moment I’m taking a summer college course, living with throbbing constant pain in my calves (yes, both of them) when ever I walk, I have gained back six pounds that I had previously lost a few weeks ago due to a car accident (totally not my fault) that made me immobile for two weeks, and I just barely got rid of my brother (plus his GF/pre-fiancee [his words not hers’] and their 2 month baby] but all in all I’m living a life a lot better than many people out there so I’m not sweating the small stuff right now.

What made me come back to blog is a feeling in my gut after watching my mother crying and totally distraught after how her own son treats her. If any woman out there has a grown child that treats you like bird crap on the windshield of a brand new car, you have every right to shut that down right away. I’ve seen mothers on TV always use the line, “I brought you in to this world, I can take you out.” I fully support this statement. You know what women have a choice to give birth but they also have a choice to bring that child up in the a society that is set up to tear them down. I personally can’t imagine ever hurting my mother in the way I have seen my own brothers hurt her. No its not physical but heart breaking. Not just to my mother but to me as their younger sister, who has to try and pick up the pieces (and that shit is not easy), to my father (who sometimes adds to the fire they create) and I know deep in my heart that it hurts and hurt my grandmother (who passed away).

My grandmother was one of the most strongest women in my life. Both of my grandmothers were. I didn’t get a chance to truly know my father’s mother but my mother’s mother, I lived with that woman at least one weekend every other month for years. I know that she looks down at my brothers and shakes her head. I know that she would want to be here for my mother because my mom is going through almost the same thing that my grandmother did with my uncle and his family. Its a devastating, disgusting repeat of history. And both of these women (my mother and grandmother) do and did not deserve such treatment. As I types these words my mother is at a doctors appt and tears are just falling down my face. How can they not? My brothers treat her like a maid when its convent for them. One has an attitude that can rival any pissed off cat, he’s mean to her for absolutely no reason and treats her like a child. The other one only shows up to ask for favors because his wife can’t understand the meaning of ‘saving money’ or for the fact she has a degree for teaching and does use it. Same brother uses his own children like freaking chips on a black jack table and my parents have to play to see them. I don’t know if any of my family other than my mother might stumble upon this blog but if they did they should be ashamed.

I do want to tell mothers that as a sibling watching her other brothers treat their mother like crap, speak up. Tell them to stop, maybe “cut the umbilical cord” (Favorite line from Lost World: Jurassic Park). Maybe one of these days, I’ll grow a back bone and start a full one family feud to protect her, one can only dream. But for now all I can do is sit beside her as she cries and support her.

Thanks that’s it for now!!!


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