A Movie I’m Excited to see!

The closest movie that is about to com out and I’m like over the moon excited for is….. (drum roll)…. The Jungle Book!! It looks not only super cute but also super intense. I grew up (only in my 20s) reading my this book. I always adored the idea and always wanted to be Mowgli. I mean who wouldn’t want to be raised with wolves and have friends that are dangerous creatures? (This might just be me, because I LOVE animals always have and always will). When I was younger, I loved all the movies and stories like Jungle Book, Tarzan, George of the Jungle, Swiss Family Robinson and more. If there were animals and being in a deserted area involved you bet i knew (still do) every line from the movies and knew the book like the back of my hand. As a future author, I actually have a story idea based with same idea and some. But back to why I’m excited for Jungle Book. First of all, it has a bunch of character I love! Lupita Nyong’o is a great actress! Her character in 12 years of slave was epic to me! I also don’t hate that she was in Force Awakens, she was pretty darn awesome as Maz. And I’m as excited as a bee to fresh honey that she is playing Raksha, I always wanted to name my dogs Raksha but my family dislikes my weird names. I also love that Giancarlo Esposito is playing Akela, another pet name. I loved him in Maze Runner, his relationship with Brenda is beyond heart felt and made me want to hug my own father, who intensely enjoys the Maze Runner Trilogies.  Idris Elba also makes my heart thump! Loved him the first time I really saw him in a movie, which was in This Christmas. He was absolutely amazing as a traitor in Losers and I can’t wait to see (hear him) as Shere Khan. Another thing I can’t wait to see is the amazing graphics in this movie. The fight scenes between Khan and Bagheera look breath taking. I also can’t wait to see the iconic scene of Mowgli on Baloo’s tummy in the river. It is one of those scenes that just make your heart stop at the closeness of man and beast, the friendship that could be created. I just can’t wait to see it!



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