Fearing the Walking Dead-S2E1

Spoiler Alert!!!!!! You’ve been warned—-


Okay so I just finished watching this episode and all I have to say is… What the hell? What is seriously wrong with the daughter? Is she really that naive to think that there are nice people out there? I mean, the minute she began to talk to that dude on the radio I knew it was going to come back and haunt her. Its so stupid that she did. I don’t even think the show actually needed that, they could have just ran in to the bad guys’ victims like they did and not have her be talking to some crazy dude.

Another thing that got me was her mom. What the heck? Why would you take in people you don’t even know? Like Travis said, what if one of them were bitten or hell even had a stomach flu. DO you know how much trouble that would cause? Shit, that lady was so bitchy when Travis was like ‘no taking on strangers’. I totally agree with him and the rich dude. No strangers! Hell even the old man is technically a stranger but oh well.

One last thing, what the hell is wrong with Travis’ son? My dad said that he was like Carl from Walking Dead. But no, Carl was never as fucking crazy as that kid. Swimming in the ocean? Hey, idiot there are sharks out there and even little fucking things called ZOmbies! They might not swim but they sure as hell float and still bite! GOSH this kid is like that little bastard who shot Carl in the eye. (Man, I was super pissed when that happened. His mom and little brother deserved to die. Stupid assholes. But poor Rick…)


Well that is my daily post. Thanks for reading!!



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