First Post on My Very Own Blog

Well like stated above, this is my first post of my own blog. I current just got home from a baby shower themed Harry Potter, and let me tell you, it was adorable. I think that it was done cutely and even more so tasteful. It was a mixed group, so it wasn’t just for girls. Guys came to hang out with all the chicks, it was nice. The baby shower was for my older brother and his girlfriend (a totally adorable couple), they are both obsessed with Harry Potter so they asked for her mom to do it in that. They also turned to my mom and I for some aid. They asked if I wanted to do the desserts. (FYI I love baking and trying new recipes). I quickly said yes and began my plan of attack. I made Exploding Bonbons, Golden Snitches (cake pops), Chocolate Frogs and Candy Wands. This was also with the help of my mother, who is always my sue chef. These were all made for over 60 people so me and my mother worked our fingers to the bones for two days while I did not one but three different papers for my college courses.

But to continue with my blog, is I have plan. A plan where I use this blog to write about books, movies and even for me to rant about my family which I often have issues with but also rant about college or just life in general. I often have very point views and love to talk about them so sorry in advance…

In this blog, you’ll probably find out that I am crazily obsessed with a million different movies, tv shows, books, mangas, comic books and even plays. I’m not a one type of person, I read and watch everything under the sun, I find everything interesting.

Well that’s all for now!!



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